Ernest Bloch : Kammermusik für Violoncello
Musiques Suisses MGB CD 6290

Chiara Enderle, Violoncello
Matthias Enderle, Violine
Hiroko Sakagami, Klavier
Radiostudio Zürich
27 janvier 2017



The young Swiss violoncellist Chiara Enderle (born in 1992) was laureate of Migros Culture Percentage study prize and recorded for Musiques Suisses the three Suites for solo cello as well as three other chamber music works with cello by Ernest Bloch. Bloch wrote the Suites during the last years of his life when, for reasons of health, he endeavoured to attain a more economic way of writing, and several times wrote for an unaccompanied string instrument. They take the suites by Johann Sebastian Bach as their models. In the First Suite, the cello explores a very broad tonal space. In the Second Suite the four closely interlinked movements are divided by very brief pauses. These movements contain much chromaticism and display a greater thythmic vigour. The Third Suite in five movements was composed in 1957. It is oriented more towards Bach than was the case with the previous two Suites, and follows the pattern of the Italian overture (fast - slow - fast). Apart from the three Suites the CD contains three chamber music work of Bloch's middle period, so the two pieces inspired by his Jewish heritage such as the "From Jewish Life" and "Méditation hébraique". Bloch wrote the "Three Nocturnes" for piano trio for the students of his chamber music class. Here, fortissimo eruptions depict a storm in which Ernest Bloch invests all his passion and musical imagination.