The Ernest Bloch Companion
By David Z. Kushner
Greenwood Press Westport, Conn. 2001
ISBN 0-313-27905-5


The evolution of Ernest Bloch's music is traced throughout his travels in Europe and America. A complete picture of Bloch emerges from this integrated study of his life and his music. The opening biographical chapter provides a brief, personal history from which Bloch's career and many interests follow, including his pursuits in photography. The biographical information provides the framework for addressing the "Jewish Question," a common focus of Bloch's work. Bloch emerges, from this multifaceted study, as a composer whose music must be examined within both its Jewish heritage and in a larger, universal context.

Musicians, scholars, and Bloch enthusiasts will welcome this volume examining Ernest Bloch's life, career and major works which are enhanced throughout by musical examples. Bloch's professional development is easily traced through the chronological organization of the book.
DAVID Z. KUSHNER is a Professor of Music and Head of the Musicology/Music History program in the School of Music at the University of Florida.

-- Preface
-- Biographical Overview
-- The Early Years
-- America I
-- Return to Roots
-- America II
-- Epilogue
-- Appendix: Ernest Bloch as Photographer
-- Bibliography
-- Index