Ernest Bloch
A Guide to Research
Garland Composer Resouirce Manuals Vol. 14
Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Vol. 796
Garland Publishing Inc.
New York & London
ISBN: 0-8240-7789-X

     Professor Kushner, a recipient of the Master Teacher Certificate in Music History from the MTNA, and the State of Florida TIP (Teaching Incentive Program) and PEP (Professorial Excellence Program) Awards, has published in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, The New Grove Dictionary of American Music, The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, The International Dictionary of Opera, and numerous refereed journals. His book, Ernest Bloch: A Guide to Research (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Vol. 14, ISBN: 082407789X, Publisher: Taylor & Francis, 1988), has been described as "a reference work that is enjoyable to read" (Notes, September 1989) and one that "provides well-written, evaluative annotations that easily stimulate a researcher's interest in examining the sources" (Choice, January 1989). 
    Preface ix
I.   Ernest Bloch 3
II.   Bibiography 19
III.   Catalog of Unpublished Works 215
IV.   Catalog of Published Works 219
V.   Discography 239
VI.   Archives and Repositories 263
VII.   Festivals and Retrospectives 273
VIII.   Program Notes 289
IX.   Awards and Honors 293
X.   Ernest Bloch Award Competition 295
XI.   Ernest Bloch Professorship 299
XII.   Illustrations 303
    Author Index 315
    Index of Proper Names 321
    Index of Bloch's Composition 335
    Subject Index 341