Musica Helvetica MH 29/30
Two LPs set, Swiss mono pressing. 
Pub. 1975
These series have been made for foreign broadcast use only! 
All liner notes and the two addtional booklets in English.
Switzerland : SBC, European & Overseas Services SBC 3062-3065 
Narrateurs Lucienne Bloch Dimitroff, Suzanne Bloch, Lance Tschannen
Programme No 29 (25:05)
Contemporary Swiss Music III Ennest Bloch
  • Prelude from Suite for Violin Seul No 1 (Roberto Sawicky) (3:00) 
  • Lucienne Bloch Dimitroff speaks about her father composing "Helvetia" (1:35)
  • Excerpt from Helvetia - Symphonic Fresco (Ansermet conducting the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande.) (2:25) 
  • Lucienne Bloch Dimintroff speaks about "Advodath hakodesh"  (1:28)
  • Excerpt from Avodath Hakodesh - Sacred Service for Baritone, mixed Chorus and Orchestra, Adon Olam, Yévarehéha Adonay (5:28) 

  • (Baritone Kurt Widmer. Werner Heim conducting the Chamber Choir and Municipal Orchestra of St.Gall.)
  • Suzanne Bloch speaks about her father's position in contemporary music 
  • Funeral Music from Two Last Poems for Flute and Orchestra (5:24) 

  • (Flute André Pepin. Pierre Colombo conducting the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande.)
Programme No 30 (25:15)
Contemporary Swiss Music IV Willy Burkhard 
  • Violin Concerto op 69 (Excerpts)
    • Allegro tranquillo(1st movement) (0:42)
    • Lento (2nd movement) (3:45)
    (Hansheinz Schneeberger; Lausanne Chamber Orchestra; Victor Desarzens)
  • Magnificat for Soprano and Organ op 64  (8:35)

  • (Ursula Buckel, Soprano;  Kurt Wolfgang Senn, orgue)
  • Canzona for Flute, Oboe and Strings op 76  (7:55)

  • (Marianne Clement, flute; Bernhard Schenkel, hautbois; Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, Arpad Gerecz)