Die Dreigroschenoper

Play with music after John Gay's The Beggar's Opera; in three acts.
German translation by Elisabeth Hauptmann.
Adaptation and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht.

Macheath (Harald Paulsen) in prison,
with Mrs. Peachum (Rosa Valletti) and Polly (Roma Bahn), Berlin, 1928.


Macheath (Mack the Knife), notorious bandit and womanizer, runs afoul of Jonathan Peachum when he marries Peachum's daughter Polly in a ceremony of doubtful legality. Peachum's resolve to have Mack sent to the gallows is complicated by the fact that Mack's old army buddy is the chief of police, Tiger Brown. Peachum and his wife commence a series of strategems to ensnare Mack: bribing prostitutes to turn him in, exercising their influence over the police, and ultimately threatening to ruin the coronation of Queen Victoria by having all the beggars in London (whom Peachum controls) line the parade route. Mack is imprisoned, escapes, and is imprisoned again. When his hour of execution arrives, however, a mounted messenger appears with the Queen's reprieve, which includes a baronetcy and an annual pension of 10,000 pounds.

Song list


Performance Information

English title: The Threepenny Opera
Cast: Singing roles - Street Singer, Macheath (tenor), J.J. Peachum (baritone), Mrs. Peachum (mezzo-soprano), Polly Peachum (soprano), Tiger Brown (bass baritone), Lucy Brown (soprano), Jenny (mezzo-soprano), Constable Smith, ensemble.
Speaking roles -- Filch, the Rev. Kimball, the gang of thieves, beggars, prostitutes, policemen.
Orchestra: alto sax (fl, cl, bar. sax); ten. sax (sop. sax, bn, bass cl); tpt; tbn (double bass); banjo (cello, guitar, Hawaiian guitar, mandolin, bandoneon); timp/perc (tpt 2); harmonium (celesta, piano).
Authorized Translations:
English - in all territories: Michael Feingold, outside the USA and Canada: Ralph Manheim & John Willett; Hugh McDiarmid; Robert David McDonald
French - Jean-Claude Hémery
Italian -- Emilio Castellani

Principal productions


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Lotte Lenya, Wofgang Neuss
Günther Arndt chor
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LP Telefunken 97012
LP Capitol / Telefunken P8117
Lotte Lenya, Kurt Gerron, Erich Ponto
Willy Trenk-Trebitsch, Erika Helmke
Conducted By Theo Mackeben
7 Dec. 1930
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Anny Felbermayer, Liane Augustin, sopranos
Rosette Anday, contralto
Helge Rosvaenge, Kurt Preger, tenors
Alfred Jerger, baritone
Chor und Ensemble der Wiener Staatsoper
F. Charles Adler, cond
A1.1 Helge Roswaenge Ouverture - Moritat Vom Mackie Messer
Akt 1
A1.2 Alfred Jerger Morgenchoral Des Peachum
A1.3 Alfred Jerger, Rosette Anday Anstatt Dass-Song
A1.4 Chor Hochzeitslied
A1.5 Liane Augustin Seeräuberjenny
A1.6 Kurt Preger, Frederick Guthrie Kanonensong
A2.1 Liane Augustin, Kurt Preger Liebeslied
A2.2 Liane Augustin Barbara-Song
A2.3 Various 1. Dreigroschenfinale
Akt 2
B1.1 Liane Augustin Pollys Lied
B1.2 Hedy Fassler, Kurt Preger Melodram / Zuhälterballade
B1.3 Kurt Preger Ballade Vom Angenehmen Leben
B1.4 Anny Felbermayer, Liane Augustin Eifersuchtsduett
B1.5 Various 2. Dreigroschenfinale
Akt 3
B2.1 Alfred Jerger Lied Von Der Unzulänglichkeit Menschlichen Strebens
B2.2 Hedy Fassler Salomon-Song
B2.3 Kurt Preger Ruf Aus Der Gruft
B2.4 Kurt Preger Grabschrift
B2.5 No Artist Gang Zum Galgen
B2.6 Various 3. Dreigroschenfinale
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The König Ensemble
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Ensemble Modern
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DG The Best of Dreigroschenoper
Dominique Horwitz
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Uli J. Messerschmidt
Wolfgang Ekholt
Film (Pabst, 1931)
- Français
- Allemand
Film (Wolfgang Staudte, 1962)
CD Telefunken
Curd Jürgens, Hildegard Knef, Gert Fröbe
Peter Sandloff (cond.)