Propaganda Songs
For voice and piano
Songs for the War Effort Composed in New York 1940-1942
Texts by various authors.

Song List
Performance Information

Song list
  1. "Song of the Free" (Archibald MacLeish)
  2. "Schickelgruber" (Howard Dietz)
  3. "One Morning in Spring" (St. Clair McKelway)
  4. "The Good Earth" (Oscar Hammerstein)
  5. "Buddy on the Nightshift" (Oscar Hammerstein)
  6. "Song of the Inventory" (Lewis Allan)
  7. "We Don't Feel Like Surrendering Today" (Maxwell Anderson)
  8. "Oh Uncle Samuel!" (Maxwell Anderson, melody by Henry C. Work)
  9. "Toughen Up, Buckle Down, Carry On" (Dorothy Fields)
  • "Russian War Relief" (J.P. McEvoy) pour voix, piano et guitare
Roxy Theatre, New York; Bob Hannon, vocalist, 4 June 1942 (9) Clarkstown Country Club, Nyack, New York. Lotte Lenya, vocalist, Kurt Weill, piano, August 1942
First performances of other songs unknown


Performance Information
Published Editions: Schickelgruber and Buddy on the Nightshift in EAMC 493
First performance: (Song of the Free) June 4, 1942, New York, Bob Hannon, vocalist

Arabesque Z6579
Song of the Free
Steven Kimbrough, baritone, Dalton Baldwin, piano
Nonesuch D-79019
Schickelgruber and Buddy on the Nightshift
Teresa Stratas, soprano, Richard Woitach, piano
DG 439 894-2
Schickelgruber and Buddy on the Nightshift
Anne Sofie von Otter, soprano, Bengt Forsberg, piano
Al Segno ASG 2010 Buddy on the Nightshift
Kurt Weill - A Musical Portrait 
Stefanie Wüst, soprano; Albert Rundel, violin; Thomas Wise, piano
DISCOVER 920310 Buddy on the Nightshift
Sojat / Heinzel
L.M.G. Buddy on the Nightshift
Teresa de la Torre