Royal Palace, Op. 17

Opera in one act (in German).
Libretto by Iwan Goll.

Available for performance only with the score reconstructed by
Gunther Schuller and Noam Sheriff. The original score is lost.

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Principal Productions

Sketch of set from original production, Berlin, 1927.


The wealthy Dejanira and her husband are staying in a luxury hotel (the Royal Palace). Dejanira has tired of wealth and leisure. Her husband, her past lover, and her future lover (so-called) each try to entice her with a vision of what life with them would be like. At the end of the three visions, Dejanira denounces all three of them and dives into the lake. She is transformed into a mermaid, while her husband remains standing on the shore. Royal Palace was one of the first operas to incorporate film.

Performance Information

Cast: Dejanira (dramatic soprano), the Husband (bass), Lover of Yesterday (baritone), Lover of Tomorrow (tenor), the Young Fisherman (tenor), the Old Fisherman (bass), head waiter, boy; soprano solo and female chorus (back stage).
Orchestra: 3 (picc).2.2.3 (cbn).1 alto sax;; timp, perc; strings. Stage Orchestra: glockenspiel, 5 bells, celesta, piano, harp, perc.
Duration: 50 minutes
Published Editions: libretto, UE 8691
piano-vocal score, UE 8690
Performance Rights and Rentals: USA, UK, BREV: EAMC
All other territories: UE

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Principal productions

CD MO 782068
Filmszene, transcribed for chamber orchestra, 
Ensemble Recherche, 
Lothar Zagrosek, cond.
Janice Watson / Stephen Richardson / Ashley Holland / Richard Coxon
Timothy Robinsob / Jeremy White / Camilla Tilling
BBC Singers
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Sir Andrew Davis