Die sieben Todsünden

Ballet chanté in nine scenes.
Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht.

List of Movements
Performance Information
Principal Productions

Tilly Losch and Lotte Lenya as Anna II and Anna I,
from the original production, Paris, 1933.


Anna I (who sings) and Anna II (who dances) are two facets of one personality. At the behest of her family, they travel to seven different American cities in order to make enough money to build a little house on the banks of the Mississippi. In each city, she/they encounter a different deadly sin, and Anna I (the practical side) rebukes Anna II (the artistic side) for engaging in sinful behavior--that is, behavior which hinders the accumulation of wealth. After each sin is repented in turn, they return to their new house.

List of Movements

Performance Information
English title: The Seven Deadly Sins
Cast: Anna I (soprano), Anna II (dancer), the Family (2 tenors, baritone, bass), corps de ballet.
Orchestra: 2 (2 picc).1.2.1;; harp, piano, banjo (guitar), timp, perc; strings.
Duration: 35 minutes
Authorized Translations:
English -- W.H. Auden & Chester Kallman; Michael Feingold
French -- Edouard Pfrimmer

Principal productions

CBS MK 44529
Julia Migenes, 
Michael Tilson Thomas, cond.
EMI Classics 7 64739 2
Elise Ross, 
Simon Rattle, cond. 
[original keys]
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Lotte Lenya, Katona, Gollnitz, Poettgen, Roth
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Radio Philharmonie Hannover des NDR, 
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[original keys]
The Cleveland Orchestra 
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary 
Musical Arts Association
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Marianne Faithfull, 
Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, 
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[original keys, one octave lower; sung in English]
Hänssler Classic- 93.109
Anja Silja (soprano)
Julius Pfeiffer
Alexander Yudenkov (ténor)
Bernard Hartmann (baryton)
Torsten Müller (basse)
Orchestre de la Radio SWR de Kaiserslautern
Grzegorz Nowak


MK 44529
Reissue: Sony CD SBK91129
Julia Migenes, Michael Tilson Thomas, cond. [arrangement]
EMI Classics CD
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Elise Ross, Simon Rattle, cond. [original keys]
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Hänssler CD
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Anja Silja, SWR Rundfunkorchester Kaiserslautern, Grzegorz Nowak, cond. [original keys]
Video (VHS)
Decca 071 166-3;
449 071 266-3
DVD: Kultur D2904
Teresa Stratas (Anna I), Nora Kimball (Anna II), Orchestre de l'Opéra National de Lyon, Kent Nagano, cond., Peter Sellars, dir.