Street Scene

Opera in two acts.
Book by Elmer Rice, based on his play of the same name.
Lyrics by Langston Hughes.

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Principal Productions

Ensemble scene, with Sam (Brian Sullivan) and Rose (Ann Jeffreys)
at center, from Broadway production, 1947.


One day in the life of a New York apartment building. The story focuses on Anna Maurrant and her family. She is frustrated by her husband and worried about her teenage daughter Rose. She is also having an affair with the milkman. Rose is frustrated by her parents' unhappiness and aspires to better things. Frank Maurrant murders Anna when he learns of her affair. Rose then leaves the tenement, and her boyfriend Sam Kaplan, behind to make a new, independent life for herself.

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Adelphi Theatre, January 9, 1947 (148 perf.)
Director: Charles Friedman
Musical Director: Maurice Abravanel
Abraham Kaplan- Irving Kaufman- Tenor
Mrs. Fiorentino- Helen Arden- High Soprano
Mr. Olsen- Wilson Smith- Bass
Emma Jones- Hope Emerson- Mezzo
Olga Olsen- Ellen Repp- Contralto
Henry- Creighton Thompson- High Baritone
Willie Maurrant- Peter Griffith- Boy Soprano
Anna Maurrant- Polyna Stoska- Dramatic Soprano
Sam Kaplan- Brian Sullivan- Tenor
Frank Maurrant- Norman Cordon- Bass/Baritone
George Jones- David E. Thomas- Baritone
Lippo Fiorentino- Sydney Rainer- Tenor
Harry Easter- Don Saxon- Baritone
Daniel Buchanan- Remo Lota- Tenor
Steve Sankey- Lauren Gilbert- VTNE
Rose Maurrant- Anne Jeffreys- Soprano
Chorus and Smaller Roles: 11M/8F, 2M/2F Children

Performance Information

Cast: Singing roles -- Anna Maurrant (dramatic soprano), Frank Maurrant, (bass-baritone), Willie Maurrant (boy soprano), Rose Maurrant (lyric soprano), Sam Kaplan (tenor), Abraham Kaplan (tenor buffo), Harry Easter (high baritone), Henry Davis, (baritone), Lippo Fiorentino (tenor), George Jones (baritone), Carl Olsen (bass), Mrs. Fiorentino (coloratura soprano), Mrs. Jones (mezzo-soprano), Mrs. Olsen (alto), Daniel Buchanan (buffo tenor), Jenny Hildebrand (soprano), 2nd graduate (soprano), 3rd graduate (mezzo-soprano), Mrs. Hildebrand (mezzo-soprano), Nursemaids (soprano, mezzo-soprano), three children, Dick McGann (singer-dancer), Mae Jones (singer-dancer).
Speaking roles -- Mrs. Jones, Steve Sankey, Shirley Kaplan, Vincent Jones, Dr. Wilson, Officer Murphy, city marshall, Fred Cullen, milkman, policeman, old clothes man, intern, ambulance driver, married couple, passerby, neighbors, children.
Orchestra: 1 (picc).1.3 (bass cl).1;; piano (celesta), harp, timp & perc; strings.
Duration: full evening

Principal productions

Columbia COL4139
CBS MK 44668
Bag of Rags 004
Original cast [excerpts]
Anne Jeffreys, David Thomas, Helen Arden, Ellen Carleen, Norman Cordon, 
Hope Emerson, Peter Griffith, Beverly Janis, Irving Kaufman, Remo Lota, 
Sydney Rainer, Ellen Repp, Don Saxon, Wilson Smith, Polyna Stoska, 
Bryan Sullivan, Creighton Thompson, Peggy Turnley
Maurice Abravanel, cond. 
CD TER2 1185
CD JAY2 1232
Musical Heritage Society MHS 523330M
English National Opera cast
Richard Van Allan, Bonaventura Bottone, Meriel Dickinson, Janis Kelly, Philip Day
Terry Jenkins, Catherine Zeta Jones, John Kitchiner, Simon Masterton-Smith
Harry Nicoll, Peter Bronder, Susan Bullock, Kristine Ciesinski, Claire Daniels,
Fiammetta Doria, Judith Douglas, Angela Hickey, Daniel Ison, Arwel Huw Morgan
Neil Patterson
Carl Davis, cond.
Decca  433 371-2
Josephine Barstow, Samuel Ramey, Angelina Réaux, Jerry Hadley, 
John Mauceri, cond.
Naxos 8.120885 Hollywood Bowl Performance, 1949
Sarnoff, Dorothy, Atkins, Norman, Stoska, Polyna, Sullivan, Brian,
Hilt, Ferdinand, Ortiz, Chris, Martino, Maria, Lee, Alice, Helgenberg, Catherine, Timmerman, Henry
Studio chorus, Choir
Studio orchestra, Orchestra
Izler Solomon, Conductor


Street Scenes
Concert suite from Street Scene
devised by Lys Symonette and Kim Kowalke
for lyric soprano, dramatic soprano, lyric tenor, Broadway baritone, bass-baritone, (optional mixed chorus), and orchestra.


Song List

I: A summer evening

Blues ("Marble and a Star")
Scene and Aria ("Somehow I Never Could Believe")
Arioso ("Lonely House")
Scene and Song ("Wouldn't You Like to Be on Broadway?")
Cavatina and Scene ("What Good Would the Moon Be?")
Aria ("Let Things Be Like They Always Was")
Duet ("Remember that I Care")

II. The next day

Trio ("There'll Be Trouble")
Lament ("Now Love and Death")
Finale ("I Loved Her, Too")

Performance Information

Orchestra: 1 (picc).1.3 (bcl).1;; harp, piano (celesta), timpani & percussion, strings.
Duration: 55 minutes
First performances: March 9, 2000, New York Philharmonic, Leonard Slatkin, cond.
March 12, 2000, Berlin, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Lawrence Foster, cond.