You and Me
Music for the Paramount film produced and directed by Fritz Lang.
Lyrics by Sam Coslow and Johnny Burke.
Starring : Harry Carey, Joyce Compton, Robert Cummings, George Raft, Sylvia Sidney
Director, Producer Fritz Lang
Original Story Norman Krasna
Director of Photography Charles Lang Jr
Editor Paul Weatherwax
Composer Kurt Weill
Screenwriter Virginia Van Upp
Production Designer Hans Dreier
Art Director Ernst Fegte

Co-stars George Raft and Sylvia Sidney meet outside a department store, the primary setting for the film.

Songs include:

Performance Information

Instrumentation: voice and piano only (voice and percussion for "Knocking Song").


LP Ariel KWH 10 Includes opening musical sequence and "The Right Guy for Me" sung by Carol Paige
Video (VHS) : Universal 82712 (Universal Noir) 94 min.
Category: Drama
Director: Fritz Lang
Cast: Ernie Adams, Harry Carey, Joyce Compton, Robert Cummings, Cecil Cunningham, Sheila Darcy, William B. Davidson, Richard Denning, Ellen Drew, Kit Guard, Arthur Hoyt, Warren Hymer, Roscoe Karns, Gwen Kenyon, Barton MacLane, Ray Middleton, Adrian Morris, Jack Mulhall, George Raft, Willard Robertson, Ruth Rogers, Sylvia Sidney, George E. Stone, Archie Twitchell, Cheryl Walker, Phil Warren, Marion Weldon