Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968)
Œuvres pour soprano et guitare
Brilliant Classics BRIL95282
Joanna Klisowska, soprano
Giulio Tampalini, guitare
Enregistrement : 05-07/09/2016
Bernareggio, Italie
Septembre 2017


This is the fourth volume on Brilliant Classics of the vibrantly cosmopolitan music of the Jewish-Italian, US composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. His heritage is reflected in this substantial song-cycle for soprano and guitar, receiving here only its second modern recording. The Divan of Moses Ibn Ezra is a setting of 19 poems, in a modern English translation, by a medieval Spanish Jew who wrote, like Castelnuovo- Tedesco almost a millennium later, in exile. Thus the subject of its first section is ‘Songs of Wandering’, before friendship and love turn sour in the second section. Sorrow and defeat also mark the third, ‘Of Wine, and of the Delights of the Sons of Men’ – though still within the composer’s appealingly melodic vein – before the return of spring and a more positive outlook to close the cycle, in which the poet bravely faces ‘The World and its Vicissitudes’ before contemplating mortality with calm resignation in a moving epilogue. The piece is a substantial addition to the growing discography of the composer on Brilliant Classics, including releases dedicated to his guitar studies (BC95219), duets (BC94833), concertos (BC7615) and piano music (BC94811), as well as samples of his prolific output on several compilations. The fine Italian guitarist Giulio Tampalini has his own impressive discography on the label, in music by Paganini (BC95031), Mozzani and Respighi (BC95230), Tárrega (BC94336) and more. Here he is joined by the Polish soprano Joanna Klisowska, who has sung with many major European early-music ensembles. The album is completed with individual songs in Spanish and Italian as well as two settings of Shakespeare. Ranging in date across the composer’s long career, they exhibit his full stylistic range, from the impressionistic, late-Romantic language of the English songs to the more harmonically adventurous terrain of two Spanish folksongs.

"The Divan of Moses Ibn Ezra", cycle de mélodie pour soprano et guitare Op. 207 (19 poems in English translation)

Songs of Wandering,  Pt. 1
  1. I. When the Morning of Life Had Passed
  2. II. The Dove That Nests in the Tree-top
  3. III. Wrung with Anguish…

Songs of Friendship,  Pt. 2
  4. I. Sorrow Shatters my Heart
  5. II. Fate Has Blocked the Way
  6. III. O Brook

Of Wine, and of the Delights of the Sons of Men,  Pt. 3
  7. I. Drink Deep, my Friend
  8. II. Dull and Sad is the Sky
  9. III. The Garden Dons a Coat of Many Hues

The World and Its Vicissitudes,  Pt. 4
10. I. Men and Children of This World
11. II. The World is Like a Woman of Folly
12. III. Only in God I Trust

The Transience of the World,  Pt. 5
13. I. Where Are the Graves
14. II. Let Man Remember All His Days
15. III. I Have Seen Upon the Earth
16. IV. Come Now, to the Court of Death
17. V. Peace Upon Them
18. VI. I Behold Ancients Graves

19. Epilogue : Wouldst Thou Look Upon Me in My Grave?

20. Ballata dall'Esilio, d'après des paroles de Guido Cavalcanti
21. Arise, from "Cymbaline" the Shakespeare Songs, Vol. 6 No. 2
22. Seals of Love, from "Measure of Measure" the Shakeaspeare Songs, Vol. 4 No. 2
23. Romance del conde Arnaldos
24. La ermita de san Simon