Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968) 
A Cycle of Songs for Voice and Guitar, Op. 207
Part I. Songs of Wandering
1. When the morning of life had passed
2. The dove that nests in the tree-top
3. Wrung with anguish

Part II. Songs of Friendship
4. Sorrow shatters my heart
5. Fate has blocked the way
6. O brook

Part III. Of Wine, and of the Delights of the Sons of Men
7. Drink deep, my friend
8. Dull and sad is the sky
9. The garden dons a coat of many hues

Part IV. The World and Its Vicissitudes
10. Men and children of this world
11. The world is like a woman of folly
12. Only in God I trust

Part V. The Transience of This World
13. Where are the graves
14. Let man remember all his days
15. I have seen upon the earth
16. Come now, to the Court of Death
17. Peace upon them
18. I behold ancient graves

19. Wouldst thou look upon me in my grave?