Neglected Works for Piano
Db Productions 170
Bengt Forsberg, piano

Bengt Forsberg, one of Sweden's most outstanding pianists, renowned for many CDs and awards, releases now a sensational solo album with music of composers that most people have never heard of. Why?
Because the composers were women, and often had to step back for the men. Their works, however, are brilliant and deserve indeed a better destiny than be covered by dust in the archives.
A few recordings of some composers such as Beach, Tailleferre, Bacewicz and Carwithen do exist previously, but in for example Aulin's and Almén's cases it's really a matter of world premieres on CD!



1. Sonata for Piano in B minor, Op. 2
Ruth Almén

2. Feuille d'Album
Valborg Aulin

3. Valse élégiaque
Valborg Aulin

4. Sonatina for Piano (1933)
Grazyna Bacewicz

5. Scottish Legend, Op. 54 no 1
Amy Marcy Beach

6. Sonatina for piano
Doreen Carwithen

7. Preludes for Piano: no 6, Andante Mystico
Ruth Crawford Seeger

8. April Preludes, Op. 13
Vítězslava Kaprálová

9. Pastorales
Germaine Tailleferre