This CD was made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Kapralova Society and Koch Records and the dedicated efforts of Virginia Eskin, Susan Napodano DelGiorno, and Karla Hartl.

Recorded in July 2007 at the Performing Arts Center, Purchase, New York.

Performed by Virginia Eskin and Stephanie Chase
Produced by Susan Napodano DelGiorno
Engineered by Silas Brown
Liner notes by Karla Hartl

Press release

This project was given impetus to and financially assisted by the Kapralova Society.

Please note that the music recorded on this compact disc is in print and can be purchased directly from its publishers.

Click here for the complete discography of Kapralova's music.

Virginia Eskin, a California native and long-time Boston resident, is a remarkably versatile solo pianist and chamber player, known for both standard classical repertoire and ragtime. A long-time champion of the works of American and European women composers, she has recently created and hosted 'First Ladies of Music,' a 13-program radio series sponsored by Northeastern University and produced by WFMT Chicago, carried by over 100 radio stations in the United States and abroad.

Virginia Eskin Stephanie Chase

Stephanie Chase resides in New York City. Concert tours in twenty-five countries have brought Stephanie Chase international recognition and include appearances as soloist with the world's most distinguished orchestras, among which are the New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, London Philharmonic, Atlanta Symphony, and San Francisco Symphony. Recordings by Ms. Chase have been awarded the highest possible ratings by Cambridge University Press and BBC Music Magazine, featured by Classic CD as 'Record of the Month' and selected by Stereophile as a 'Record to Die For.'

The Kapralova Society is a non-profit, international music organization based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Karla Hartl in 1998, the society's mission is to promote interest in Kapralova and other women in music. We encourage and support recording and publishing of Kapralova's music, and seek to build awareness of women's contributions to musical life through our online resources. For more information about our projects please visit the society's website.

Vitezslava Kapralova:
Music for Piano | Piano & Violin

Koch Records KIC-CD-7742 (2008). Also available from,,,, and others.

    April Preludes, op. 13. Piano solo (8'50")
  • Prelude I: Allegro ma non troppo
  • Prelude II: Andante mp3 sample
  • Prelude III: Andante semplice
  • Prelude IV: Vivo
    Legend, op. 3a. Violin and piano (6'50") world premiere mp3 sample
    Burlesque, op. 3b. Violin and piano (4'10") world premiere mp3 sample
    Five Compositions for Piano, op. 1. Piano solo (12') world premiere
  • I. Maestoso
  • II. Cantabile
  • III.Andante con moto
  • IV. Tempo di menuetto
  • V. Tempo di marcia funebre mp3 sample
    Elegy (1939) Violin and piano (3'35") world premieremp3 sample
    Sonata Appassionata, op. 6. Piano solo (17') world premiere
  • I. Maestoso mp3 sample
  • II. Theme and Variations
    • Variation 1: Piu mosso
    • Variation 2: Scherzando
    • Variation 3: Con moto
    • Variation 4: Vivace
    • Variation 5: Largo
    • Variation 6: Vivo (Fugue)
    Variations sur le Carilon de l'Eglise St-Etienne-du-Mont, op. 16. Piano solo (8'30") world premiere
  • I. Piu vivo mp3 sample
  • II. Allegretto
  • III.Lento ma non troppo
  • IV. Quasi etude vivo
  • V. Choral
  • VI. Allegro. Coda
    Little Song (1936). Piano solo (1'30") world premiere mp3 sample

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From reviews:

If you are looking for highly sophisticated piano music rich in texture, clarity and depth, look no further.
Aaron Green,

Kaprálová was one of the major female composers in history, despite her short time on earth; this Koch disc does her music considerable justice and serves as a strong introduction to Kaprálová's music.
Dave Louis,

I have no doubt that this release will not only please Kapralova's enthusiasts but also add many others to her following.
Veroslav Nemec, Harmonie

This recording is an important milestone in Kaprálová's discography and testifies to the memory of a brilliant mid-twentieth century composer.
Book Worm,

The recording is strong and the performances sensitive and completely committed.
Rob Barnett,

Add this to your select discography of a composer whose early death deprived Czechoslovakia of a burgeoning talent.
Jonathan Woolf,

The Legend and lively Burlesque of 1932 are works of amazing assurance for a 16 year old, with lyrical and rewarding writing for the violin. They are a joy to hear.
Greg Terian, Dvorak Society of Great Britain Newsletter

Dalla Koch alcuni brani significativi della compositrice ceca nella splendida interpretazione di Virginia Eskin affiancata da Stephanie Chase
Marco del Vaglio, Guide di Dada

Uit al haar muziek klinkt een uiterst krachtige stem, die trefzeker zegt wat zij te zeggen heeft.
Thea Derks, Radio 4, The Netherlands

Kapralova's muzikale taal is zuiver en rijk.
Patricia Werner Leanse, OPZIJ (October 2008)

More reviews are available here.