The PORTRAIT OF THE COMPOSER project would not have been possible without our partner Studio Matous, an independent label based in Prague, and the dedicated efforts of the following individuals: Karla Hartl, Alena Jelenkova, Lukas Matousek, Sona Ryndova, Zdenek Zouhar, and Ivan Zacek.

Many thanks to Milan Hon and Jiri Sopko for their contribution to the project.

We would also like to gratefully acknowledge Jiri Kratochvil, Ivan Merka, Jiri Skovajsa, Bohumil Smejkal, Adolf Sykora, the Frantisek Jilek Estate, the Karel Krafka Estate, and the Vilem Pribyl Estate, for waiving their royalties in support of the project.

We thank Rudolf Kundera for his kind permission to use his drawings of Vitezslava Kapralova on the disc and booklet cover and Ludmila Hatrick for generously donating her English translation of the booklet text.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the following organizations and individuals:
Czech Ministry of Culture, Czech Music Fund, The Leos Janacek Foundation, The Architects Club, Emil Prikryl, Rostislav Svacha, Karla Hartl, and Josef Kapral.

We also wish to acknowledge in-kind support of the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery.

Finally, we would like to thank the friends of Kapralova's music who helped us promote this compact: Rob Barnett, Benjamin G. Cohrs, Lubomir Fendrych, Patricia Goodson, Constanze Holze, David N. Lewis, Malcolm (Calum) MacDonald, Alexandra Pierce, Jan Smaczny, Gregory Terian, Marco del Vaglio, and Jiri Zahradka.

Please note that the music recorded on this compact disc is in print and can be purchased directly from its publishers.

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Vitezslava Kapralova: Portrait of the Composer

Studio Matous MK 0049-2 011 (1998). TT: 75'14". Order this disc online or by writing to Studio Matous.

conductor Frantisek Jilek (1,12-15)
Bohumil Smejkal, Adolf Sykora, Jiri Kratochvil, Karel Krafka (2-4)
Lenka Skornickova - soprano (9,10)
Vilem Pribyl - tenor (15)
Ivan Merka - cello (11)
Jitka Drobilkova - piano (9,10)
Jiri Skovajsa - piano (12-14)
Jaroslav Smykal - piano (5-8,11)

"This excellent and generously filled issue does a great deal to establish her credentials as a genuinely fascinating voice in inter-war Czech music..." BBC Music Magazine, June 1999.

" [A] moving testimony to a substantial creative personality who had already hit her stride before her career was so cruelly cut short." Tempo, October 2000.

Discoveries aplenty here ... Well worth the quest you will need to make if you want to find this treasurable CD..., October 2003.

In her short 25 years, Czech composer Vitezslava Kapralova amassed an astonishingly original output that would be the envy of any composer three times her age..." All Music Guide, July 2005.

"This recording has come about through the dedicated efforts of the Kapralova Society. It is an invaluable document providing a fascinating view of Kapralova's achievements..." The Dvorak Society Newsletter, April 1999.

[1] Military Sinfonietta op.11 (1937) 14:34
  String Quartet op.8 (1935-36) 19:25
[2] Con brio 7:08
[3] Lento 6:58
[4] Allegro con variazioni 5:09
  April Preludes op.13 (1937) for piano 9:30
[5] Allegro ma non troppo 1:49
[6] Andante 3:21
[7] Andante semplice 2:17
[8] Vivo 1:48
[9] Love Carol (Bohuslav MARTINŮ) (1937) for voice and piano 0:48
[10] Love Carol (1938) for voice and piano 1:20
[11] Ritornell op.25 (1940) for cello and piano 4:13
  Partita op.20 (1938/9) for a string orchestra and piano 19:26
[12] Allegro energico 5:07
[13] Andantino 6:48
[14] Presto 7:21
[15] Waving Farewell op.14 (1937) for voice and orchestra 5:16
  Total time 75:14

LISTEN TO SAMPLES. To hear the music, click on mp3 sample

Military Sinfonietta | The Brno Philharmonic, Frantisek Jilek. Listen to its opening mp3 sample or download the entire work from MediaFire
String Quartet | Janacek Quartet mp3 sample(1. Con brio) and mp3 sample (3. Allegro con variazioni)
April Preludes | Jaroslav Smykal mp3 sample(4. Vivo)
Love Carol | Lenka Skornickova, Jitka Drobilkova mp3 sample
Partita for Piano and String Orchestra | The Brno Philharmonic, Frantisek Jilek, Jiri Skovajsa. mp3 sample(1. Allegro energico) and mp3 sample (2. Andantino)
Waving Farewell | The Brno Philharmonic, Frantisek Jilek, Vilem Pribyl mp3 sample