Kapralova: L'oeuvre

Abbreviations and names used in the description of works:

music sample - mp3; Agraf - original autograph; Agraf-E(scan) - scan of the autograph; Agraf-F - facsimile of the autograph; Agraf Nt - notes in the composer's handwriting; arr - arranged by; AV - audio-video recording; Awd - award; CC - compact cassette; CD - compact disc; Ded - dedication; Dur - duration; E - electronic transcript; E-F - photocopy of the electronic transcript; Ed - edition in print; Frg - fragment; G - LP recording; MG - sound tape recording; Ms - copyist's copy Ms-E(scan) - scan of the manuscript; Ms-F - facsimile of the manuscript; Ms Nt - notes in other person's handwriting; op - opus; sch - rough draft; Txt - text.

acc - accordion; ar - harp; B - bas; Bt - baritone; cb - double bass; cel. - celesta; cfg - double-bassoon; cl - clarinet; cl.b. - bass clarinet; cor - French horn; cor.ingl. - English horn; fg - bassoon; fl - flute; gr.cas. - bass drum; MS - mezzosoprano; ob - oboe; pf - piano; piatti - cymbals; picc. - piccolo; S - soprano; T - tenor; tamb - tambourine; tb - tuba; timp. - timpani; tr - trumpet; trbn - trombone; trg - triangolo; vl - violin; vla - viola; vlc - violoncello.

ADM - Museum of Antonin Dvorak; AE - Amos Editio; AR - Albany Records; ArD - ArcoDiva; BBC - BBC Radio 3; BC - Brno Conservatory; BM - Bohuslav Martinu; BMI - Bohuslav Martinu Institute; Brno Radiojournal - until 1938 the name for CRO-Bo; CBC - CBC 2; CeR - Centaur Records; CHF - Czech Music Fund; cond. - conductor; CR - Czech Republic; CRO-Bo: Czech Radio (Brno); CRO-O: Czech Radio (Ostrava); CRO-P: Czech Radio (Prague); CRVN - Czech Radio Publishing House; Cs-Bm - Moravian Museum of Brno; CTV-Bo: Czech Television (Brno); CTV-P: Czech Television (Prague); Editio Praga - sheet music publisher (now Baerenreiter Prague); Editio Supraphon - sheet music publisher (now Baerenreiter Prague); Eva - Eva: A Journal of Modern Woman, published by Melantrich during 1928-1943; H, HM, HMUB or Edition HM - Hudebni Matice Umelecke Besedy (sheet music publisher in Prague, 1907-1949); HAMU - Prague Academy of Music; HIS - Czech Music Information Centre; JAMU - Janacek Academy of Performing Arts; JM - Jiri Mucha; JMA - Japan Martinu Association; KE - Kapralova Estate (Brno); KIC - Koch International Classics; KS - Kapralova Society (Toronto); LN - Lidove noviny (Czech daily); Melantrich / Edition Melantrich - Prague Publishing House (1898-1999); ME - Mucha's estate (Prague); Melpa - Melantrich-Pazdirek (1939-1949); MZK - Moravian Regional Library (Brno); NM CMH - National Museum Czech Museum of Music; NR - The Northeastern Records; Pariz - Paris; Pa - Pazdirek / Edition Pazdirek - sheet music publisher in Brno (1919-1949); PBM - Bohuslav Martinu Memorial in Policka; Praha - Prague; Pritomnost Society - society for contemporary music in Prague (1924-1949; revived in 1991); RF-dm - Radio France Documentation Musicale; Rytmus - music journal published by Pritomnost Society (1935-1948); SK CR - National Library in Prague; SM - Studio Matous; SP - Sasenka Pucova; SPM - Self-Print Music; Stylton - Label of CRO-O; SU - Supraphon; Svoboda - Prague Publishing House; Tempo - music journal published by HMUB (1921-1948); TS - Theodor Schaefer; TV - Tomas Visek Recordings; UKB - University Library in Brno; Ultraphon - This originally Dutch label operated in Czechoslovakia between 1932-1945; Umelecka Beseda - founded in 1863 in Prague, abolished in 1972 by the Communist regime (and revived in 1990), this arts society promoted Czech music, and literary and visual arts; UMSM - University of Michigan School of Music; UMTV - University of Michigan Television; VK - Vitezslava Kapralova; WTAMU - West Texas A&M University; ZUS Po - Music School of Policka.


Works' Details and History

Some of my very first compositions | Z mych nejranejsich skladeb. Piano. 1924-28. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.731]. Ed: (7) Pa (1925-6); (1-8) AE (2003). 1. V risi baji | In the realm of fables [5.10.1924]. Agraf Nt. 2. Valka / War [27.11.1924]. Agraf Nt. 3. V myslenkach / Lost in thoughts [1.1.1925]; 4. Pristav / Harbour [5.1.1925]. Agraf Nt. 5. Touha / Longing [22.5. 1925]; 6. Po bitve belohorske / After the battle on White Mountain [1.9.1925]. Ded - to T.G. Masaryk. 7. Na dalekou cestu / Before the long journey [14.11.1925]. Ded - Mamince a tatinkovi na rozloucenou / Farewell to my mummy and daddy. Ms Nt. 8. Valse triste [1927]. Kapralova's comments. Ded - to Dr. Vlad. Helfert. A first known performance by Ludmila Novotna at a concert organized by the Czechoslovak Women's Union in Brno-Kralovo Pole on 1.6.1950.

To mother | Maticce. Children's choir. 3.11.1928. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.729]. Agraf (sch): KE.
Chorus for three children's voices. Txt - Jan Neruda (Kniha versu, 1867). Premiered during WWII by Vaclav Kapral and a choir of women prisoners in the internment camp Svatoborice, CR.

Sketch book | Skicar-ukoly. Piano. 1929-33. Agraf (Piano sketch. Brno 7.4.1929): Cs-Bm [A31.687a].

First school works | Prvni prace ze skoly. Piano. 1930-31. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.732]. 10 small pieces composed between 7.11.1930 and Feb.1931.

Songs | Pisne. Voice and piano. 1930-32(?) Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.756]. Ed: AE (2005). An incomplete cycle of three songs, possibly to Kapralova's texts: 1. Potkali se vcera lide dva / Two people met yesterday, 2.(?), 3. Az jednoho dne se budes ptat / When you ask me one day.

Five piano compositions | Pet klavirnich skladeb, op. 1. Piano. 1931-32. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.733], Agraf-F (1-4): NM CMH. Ms: KE. CD: KIC (2008). 1. Maestoso [Feb.1931]; 2. Cantabile moderato [October 1931]; 3. Andante con moto [March-June 1931], 1st version A29.732; 4. Tempo di menuetto [Nov. 1931]; 5. Tempo di marcia funebre, also: Alla marcia funebre [Jan. 1932]. Dur: 12'. Premiered by Milada Blahova at the Brno Conservatory on 18.4.1932.

Funeral march | Smutecni pochod, op. 2. Piano. January 1932. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.733]. Ms: KE; Cs-Bm [arr. for orch. A29.719]. Originally Part 5 [Tempo di marcia funebre] of Five piano compositions, op. 1. Premiered by Milada Blahova at the Brno Conservatory on 18.4.1932. Orchestrated by Richard Thierjung-Tynsky in 1945. Premiered by Thierjung-Tynsky and Helfertovo orchestralni sdruzeni in Brno on 11.2.1946.

Legend | Legenda, op. 3/1. Violin and piano. Spring 1932. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.742]. Ms: KE, JAMU. MG: CRO-Bo, CRO-P, KS, UMSM. CC: JMA. AV: UMTV. CD: KIC (2008). Originally entitled Nalada [Mood]. Dur: 6'. Premiered by Jan Lorenc and Frantisek Jilek [pf] at the Brno Conservatory on 9.5.1933.

Burlesque, op. 3/2. Violin and piano. Spring 1932. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.743]. Ed: Pa (1933). MG: CRO-Bo, CRO-P, KS, UMSM. AV: UMTV. CD: KIC (2008). Ded - To MUDr. Magda Kuhnova. Dur: 4'. Premiered by Jan Lorenc and Frantisek Jilek [pf] at the Brno Conservatory on 9.5.1933.

Two songs | Dve pisne, op. 4. Voice and piano. 1932. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.756, A41.512]. Ed: AE (2005). CD: SU (2003). 1. Jitro / Morning Morning [Aug. 1932], 2. Osirely / Orphaned [July 1932]. Txt - R. Bojko [Proste kvety, 1924]. Dur: 5'. Suitable for soprano/tenor, or lyric mezzo. Premiered by Milada Musilova and Frantisek Vrana at the Brno Conservatory on 5.12.1933.

Sparks from ashes | Jiskry z popele, op. 5. Voice and piano. 1932-33. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.748 dated 1932, compare A40.596 dated 1933]. Ed: AE (2005). CD: SU (2003). Cycle of four songs: 1. Ty stare pisne v dusi zni mi / Those old melodies echo in my soul; Dur - 2'45". 2. Jak na hedvabny mech jsem hlavu kladl na bila nadra tva / Like on silk moss I laid my head on your white bosom; Dur - 2'15". 3. O, zustan jeste moje divko draha / Oh, stay yet, my dear girl; Dur - 2'. 4. A tahnou myslenky teskne / Melancholy thoughts; Dur - 2'. Suitable for soprano/tenor, or lyric mezzo. Txt - Bohdan Jelinek (V upominkach, Snehova ruze). Ded - Otto Vach. Agraf Nt [A 40.596]: Me jedine lasce - Otackovi / To Otacek, my only love. Dur: 9'. Premiered by Freda Herseth [MS] and Timothy Cheek [pf] at Britton Recital Hall at the University of Michigan School of Music on 24.1.2002.

January | Leden. January soprano/tenor, flute, two violins, violoncello, and piano. 1933. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.727]; Ed: AE (2005). CD: SU (2003). March 1933. Txt - Vitezslav Nezval (Zpatecni listek, 1932). Dur: 4'20". Suitable for soprano/tenor, or lyric mezzo (the range is an octave and a sixth: B below middle C to G-sharp, with most of it in the middle register). Premiered by Caroline Helton [S], Amy Porter [fl], Stephen Shipps and Andrew Jennings [vl], Anthony Elliott [vlc], and Timothy Cheek [pf] at the Britton Recital Hall, University of Michigan School of Music on 19.1.2003.

Sonata appassionata, op. 6. Piano. June 1933. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.736]; Agraf [Frg]: KE. Ms-F: UKB. Ed: AE (2006). CD: KIC (2008). Originally entitled Klavirni sonata / Piano sonata. 1. Maestoso. 2.Theme and Variations [Theme: Andante cantabile. Variations: 1.Piu mosso, 2.Scherzando, 3.Con moto, 4.Vivace, 5.Largo. 6.Vivo (3rd movement)]. Dur: 20'. Premiered by Frantisek Jilek at a concert of the Brno Conservatory in Besedni dum in Brno on 1.6.1934.

Piano concerto in D-minor | Koncert pro klavir a orchestr d moll, op. 7. 1934-35. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.716]. Ms (score): Cs-Bm [A40.598], BC [1st movement]; (pf part): JAMU, BC [1st m.]. 1. Allegro entusiastico. 2. Largo. 3. Allegro. Scoring picc., fl(2), ob(2), B-cl(2), fg(2), F-cor(4), C-tr(3) trbn(3), timp., triangolo, gong piatti, ar, pf, vl (I,II), vla, vlc, cb. Awd: Frantisek Neumann Award. Dur - 24'. First movement was premiered by the Brno Conservatory Orchestra with Ludvik Kundera [pf] and Vitezslava Kapralova [cond.] at the 3rd graduation concert of the Brno Conservatory at Stadion Hall in Brno on 17.6.1935 at 19:30. The complete work was given its first performance in Brno Radiojournal by the Brno Radio Orchestra, with Ludvik Kundera [pf] and Kapralova as conductor, on 15.10.1936. Analysis.

Two bouquets of flowers | Dve kyticky. Two miniatures for piano. Piano. 1935. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.734]. Originally entitled Small pieces for piano / Drobne klavirni skladby. 1. Kyticka fialek / Small bouquet of violets [Prague, 8.10.1935], 2. Kyticka svatych listu / Small bouquet of fallen leaves [Prague, 18.10.1935]. Second version was entitled Podzimni listi / Autumn leaves [Prague, 19.10.1935]. Dur: 3'.

Suite en miniature. Chamber orchestra. Summer-December 1935. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.720]. Ms: CRO-Bo. MG: CRO-Bo. Orchestrated parts 1-4 of the Five compositions for piano: 1. Praeludium, 2. Pastorale, 3. Ukolebavka / Berceuse (Lullaby), 4. Menuetto. Ded (Agraf Nt on Ms): Venovano hudebnimu souboru brnenske odbocky Radiojournalu / Dedicated to the Brno Radiojournal Ensemble. Dur: 10'30". Scoring: Preludium: strings; Pastorale: fl(2), ob, cor.ingl., cl(2), fg(2), F-cor(2); Berceuse: fl, ob, B-cl, fg, F-cor, and strings; Menuetto: fl, ob, B-cl, F-cor, C-tr, timp., triangolo, piatti, ar, strings. Premiered in Brno Radiojournal by the Brno Radiojournal Ensemble with Theodor Schaefer [cond.] on 7.2.1936.

String quartet | Smyccovy kvartet, op. 8. Tri Studne-Brno 1935-36. Agraf (score): Cs-Bm [A29.728]. Agraf-F (score): JAMU. Ms (parts): KE, CHF, JAMU. Ed: CRVN (2009). MG: CRO-Bo, CRO-P; CD: SM (1998); ArD (2006). Originally entitled Kvartet I. (1936) / Quartet I. (1936). Con brio 1. Con brio [Tri Studne, summer 1935]. Lento 2. Lento [Brno 20.2.1936]. Allegro 3. Allegro con variazioni [25.3.1936]. Dur: 19'25". Premiered by Moravian Quartet in Brno on 5.10.1936. Analysis [in Czech].

Grotesque Passacaglia | Groteskni passacaglia. Piano. October 1935. Agraf: presumed lost. music sample Ed: Tempo XV/1935-36. CD: TV (2001); Stylton (2010). Awds: Tempo (1935), Rytmus (1936?). Dur: 2'25".

Three Piano Pieces | Tri klavirni kusy, op. 9. Piano. 1935. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.737]. Agraf-F: NM CMH. CD: Stylton (2010) (1 and 2). 1. Praeludium [11.- 12.1935], 2. Raci kanon / Crab canon [12.1935], 3. Passacaglia [10.-11.1935]. Premiered by Karel Solc at a concert of Pritomnost Society in Umelecka Beseda Hall in Prague on 23.10.1936.

Apple from the lap | Jablko s klina, op. 10. Voice and piano. 1934-36. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.747]. Ed(2): Eva 1936/4; (1-4) HMUB (1938), AE (2005). CD: SU (2003). Cycle of four songs: 1. Pisen na vrbovou pistalku / Song on a willow fife [1934]; 2. Ukolebavka / Lullaby Lullaby [April 1936-8.9.1936]; 3. Bezvetri / Calm [Autumn 1936]; 4. Jarni pout / Spring fair [26.9. 1936]. Range: medium voice (middle C to high G). Dur. 7'50". Txt - Jaroslav Seifert (Jablko s klina, 1933). Ded - Prvni interpretce pi prof. Masi Fleischerove / To Prof. Masa Fleischer, the songs' first interpreter. Premiered by Masa Fleischerova and Ludvik Kundera [pf] at a concert of Pritomnost Society in Prague on 17.12.1936. Directions for performers [in Czech].

Spring on the meadows | Jaro na polonine. Miniature for piano. 27.2.1936. Agraf: unknown.

Little song | Pisnicka. Piano. 20.4.1936. Ms: Cs-Bm [A32.046]. Ed: Melpa (1936). MG: CRO-Bo, BBC. CD: KIC (2008). Dur: 1'10". First performance unknown.

Sad evening | Smutny vecer. Voice and Orchestra. 1936? Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.725]. Scoring: fl(2), ob(2), B-cl(2), fg(2), F-cor(4), cel., vl(I,II), vla, vlc, cb. Discovered by the author of this catalogue in Moravian Museum in Brno in April 2006. Possibly a part of a collection.

Military sinfonietta | Vojenska symfonieta, op. 11. Symphony orchestra. 1936-37. Agraf (piano reduction, 1936): RF-dm [Aa1049]. Agraf-F (1936): PBM. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.722]. Ed: Melantrich (November 1938), CHF (1958), CRVN (2005). G: SU (1958); CD: SM (1998). mp3 sample Sinfonietta's theme: 29.5.1936. Orchestration: 4.(?)1.1937-23.2.1937 (List of works Cs-Bm, 39.276). Agraf Nt [sch A29.722e]. March 1937 - last changes to orchestration, final version early April 1937. Ded - To Edward Benes, President of the Republic. Awd: Smetana Award [20.12.1938]. Scoring: picc., fl(2), ob(2), cor.ingl. (3.ob), E flat maj-cl, B-cl(2), B-cl.b., fg(2), cfg, F-cor(6), C-tr(3) trbn(3), tb, timp., tamburo piccolo, piatti, campanelli, triangolo, gong, cel., ar, pf, vl (I,II), vla, vlc, cb. Dur - 20'. Premiered by the Czech Philharmonic under the baton of the composer, at a concert organized by the National Women's Council in Lucerna Hall, Prague, on 26.11.1937.

Forever | Navzdy, op. 12. Voice and piano. Prague 1936-37. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.724; 40.597; 55.014]. Ed: HM (1949); AE (2005). CD: SU (2003), CeR (2008). Cycle of three songs: 1. Navzdy / Forever [Prague 13.2.1937], Dur - 2'30"; 2. Cim je muj zal / What is my sorrow [Prague 12.2.1937], Dur - 3'; 3. mp3 Ruce / Hands [Prague 21.11.1936]. Also: Pisen jednoho vecera / Song of one evening [A 55.014] Agraf Nt. Dur - 2'. Range: high voice (middle C to high A). Two versions of Forever are known: the second version [sch 40.597] was for voiceband and fl, ob, B-cl, F-cor, triangle, small drum, ar, vl (I,II), vcl. Txt (1,2) - Jan Carek [Hvezdy na nebi, 1934] and (3) Jaroslav Seifert [Jablko s klina, 1933]. Ded - To Milada Kunderova. First known concert performance of the cycle given by Jarmila Vavrdova [S] and Frantisek Vrana [pf] at Umelecka Beseda in Prague on 9.11.1937 (radio premiere: Prague, 3.10.1937).

Ostinato fox. Piano. 14.2.1937. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.735, A39.868], Ed: SPM (2007). Ded - To Miss Jirinka Cernusakova. Dur: 2'. Premiered by Virginia Eskin at the Beth El Temple Center in Belmont, MA on 25.1.2009.

Three small piano pieces for children | Tri klavirni skladbicky pro deti. Piano. 1937. Agraf: presumed lost. 1. Jarni popevek / Spring tune [11.3.1937] Ded - To Mila Ruzickova. 2. Prvni bol / First sorrow [11.3.1937]. Ded - To Mila Ruzickova. 3. Ukolebavka / Lullaby [4.4.1937]. Ded - To Prof. R. Sichova. 1 and 2 premiered on 31.5.1937 in Prague by a pupil of Prof. R. Sichova.

April preludes | Dubnova preludia, op. 13. Piano. 1937. Agraf: presumed lost. Ed(complete): HMUB (1938); (1) HM (1947), (3) Editio Praga (1999). Ms (arr. for piano trio by Josef Ceremuga): CHF (1976). G(1,3): Ultraphon (1945?); (1-4) SU (1975). CD: NR (1992), SM (1998), KIC (2008). Originally titled Four Preludes. mp3 1. Allegro ma non troppo [15.4.1937]; 2. Andante [3.5.1937]; 3. Andante semplice [11.5.1937]; mp3 4. Vivo [12.9.1937]. Ded - To Rudolf Firkusny. Dur - 9'30". Premiered by Dana Setkova at a concert of Pritomnost Society in Prague on 5.10.1937.
Listen to all four preludes on mp3 youtube.com.

Waving farewell | Sbohem a satecek, op. 14. Voice and piano. Prague 3.6.1937. Agraf(Frg): PBM. Ms: Cs-Bm [A29.749]. Ed: HMUB (1947), AE (2005). CD: Stylton (1996), SU (2003). Txt - Vitezslav Nezval [Sbohem a satecek, 1934]. Range: B to high A, with optional high A-sharp, ff. Dur. 5'30". Ded - Na rozloucenou nejkrasnejsimu mestu Praze / A farewell to the most beautiful City of Prague. Premiered by Jarmila Vavrdova [S] and the author [pf] at the Victoria College in Prague on 19.6.1937.

Carol | Koleda. Voice and piano. 1937. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.753]. Ed: LN, Christmas 1937; AE (2005). CD: SU (2003). Paris 10.12.1937 - 14.12.1937. Ded - Venovano mym operenym pratelum / Dedicated to my feathered friends. Txt - folk song "V trni vrabce c(v)irikaju". Agraf Nt. Recorded for Supraphon by Dana Buresova [S] and Timothy Cheek [pf] in June 2003 in Prague. First concert performance: Irene Maessen [S] and Marja Bon [pf] at the Jagthuis Festival, Nederhost den Berg, The Netherlands, on 26.5.2006.

Christmas wishes | Vanocni prani. Piano. 24.12.1937. Agraf: unknown. Six miniatures for piano, composed for friends as Christmas gifts.

Ilena, op. 15. Cantata for soli, mixed chorus, orchestra, and reciter. 1937-38. Agraf (piano reduction, sch, frg of orchestral score): Cs-Bm [A29.723]. Originally entitled: Symfonicka balada / Symphonic Ballad. Conception: 1932? and spring 1936. Agraf Nt (sch): 7.9.1938 Pariz-Tri Studne (1932). Part I [Paris, 1.-10.12.1937], Part II: Choruses [Paris, 30.12.1937-4.1.1938], Part III: Melodrama [sch: Paris, January 1938], Part IV [Paris-Tri Studne, 5.2(?) 1938-7.9.1938]. Orchestration: Tri Studne 2.10.1938 - Paris 1.1939 (unfinished). Scoring: picc., fl(2), ob(2), B-cl(2), fg(2), F-cor(4), C-tr(2) trbn(3), tb, trg, timp., tamburo piccolo, piatti, pf, ar, vl (I,II), vla, vlc, cb, SATB, S solo, T solo, B solo, reciter. Dur. 25' Txt - L'udmila Podjavorinska [Balady, 1931]. Premiered on 31.5. 2007 in Besedni dum, Brno, by Brno Academic Choir and Gaudeamus Brno conducted by Katarina Maslejova, Brno Philharmonic conducted by Ondrej Tajovsky, with soloists Irena Lukacova [S], Vaclav Barth [T], Martin Frybort [B] and Roman Groszmann [reciter].

Trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon | Trio pro hoboj, klarinet a fagot. 1937-38. Agraf (Frg.): Cs-Bm [A29.758]. Originally entitled Trio pro dechove nastroje / Trio for woodwind instruments. 18.12.1937 - 2.1938. Unfinished.

Variations sur le Carillon de l'Eglise St-Etienne du Mont, op. 16. Piano. 1938. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.739]. Ed: La Sirene Editions Musicales (1938), re-listed with Max Eschig (2001). MG: CRO-Bo, KS, CBC. AV: CTV-Bo. CD: KIC (2008). Finished 2.1938. Original title: Sest malych variaci na zvony kostela St. Etienne du Mont / Six small variations on the bells of the St. Etienne du Mont church. Theme (Andante) 1. Piu vivo. 2. Allegretto. 3. Lento ma non troppo. 4. Quasi etude vivo. 5. Choral. 6. Allegro, Coda (Andante maestoso). Dur - 10'. Premiered by Ludvik Kundera in Brno on 27.3.1938.

"Vezdicka, Potpolis". Two choruses for female voices, op. 17. Women's choir. 1936-1937. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.730]. Ms(arr): MZK (1. Vezdicka, arr. Zdenek Kanak, 1946; 2. Potpolis, arr. Bretislav Bakala, 1950). Ed(2): Editio Supraphon (1976). 1. Vezdicka (first sch. 16.2. 1936). 2. Potpolis (12.1936-12.1937). Txt - Ondrej Prikryl [Hanacky pesnicke, 1936]. Vezdicka was premiered by the Vitezslava Kapralova Women's Choir conducted by Miroslav Krcma and with Vera Baborovska [pf] in Brno-Kralovo Pole on 23.1.1955.

Hymn of the volunteer nurses of the Czechoslovak Red Cross | Hymna dobrovolnych sester CSCK. Two voices and piano. 1938. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.755], Ms-F: MZK, JAMU. Jan-Feb.1938. 3 versions: in G Major (sch), B Major and A-flat Major. Txt - Pavla Krickova. Agraf Nt.

Waving farewell, for voice and orchestra | Sbohem a satecek, pro zpev a orchestr. 1938. Agraf (Frg.): Cs-Bm [A29.750, A29.758]. Ms (score and parts): CRO-Bo. MG: CRO-Bo. G: SU (1975). CD: SM (1998). mp3 sample Orchestration: Feb.1938 - July (?) 1938. Scoring: fl(2), ob(2), B-cl(2), cl.b., fg(2), F-cor(4), C-tr(2), timp., percussion, pf, vl(I,II), vla, vlc, cb. Dur - 5'16". Premiered by the Zemske Theatre Orchestra in Brno, with Rafael Kubelik [cond.] and Marie Reznickova as soloist, on 31.10.1940.

Occasional compositions. Arrangements of Czech folk songs and medieval chants for four male voices. Men's choir. 1938. Premiered by a student choir in February 1938 in Paris. Includes arrangements of Czech chorale "Svaty Vaclave" and Hussite song "Ktoz jsu bozi bojovnici" [Agraf(Frg): Cs-Bm [orch.arr. A29.726].

Seconds | Vteriny, op. 18. Voice and piano. 1936-39. Agraf(1-8): Cs-Bm [A29.752]. Agraf (3): private collection of Renata Helfertova-Trtilkova. Agraf-F(3,7): KE. Ms: KE. Ed: (2) Melantrich (1937); (3,5) LN [28.3.1937, 18.9.1937]; (7) Editio Supraphon (1974, 1998); (1-8) AE (2005). CD(3): SM (1998); (1-8): SU (2003).
Original title: Vteriny roku / Seconds of a year. Collection of eight occasional songs. Best suited for soprano/tenor. Dur - 10'. (The songs should be performed in the following order: 1,6,7,3,5,4,8, and 2.) 1. Bilym satkem mava kdo se louci / Waving farewell with a white kerchief. With a White Kerchief [12.1936]. Also known under the title: K novemu roku / For New Year's Day. Txt - Jaroslav Seifert (Postovni holub, 1929). Ded.: Gratulace Vit. Kapralova p. Dr. O. Wachovi k novemu roku / Best wishes from Vit. Kapralova to Dr. O.Wach for the New Year. Dur - 1'; 2. Novorocni / New Year carol. [Prague, 12.1936]. Also known as: "Kdyz straze sve cas vymenuje". Txt - Josef Hora. Dur - 0'30". Ed: Melantrich (1937); 3. Velikonoce / Easter [Prague 5.3.1937]. Txt - Frana Sramek (Nove basne, 1928). Ded - To Gracian Cernusak. Dur - 1'30'; 4. Leta mlci leta jdou / The years pass in silence. [Brno 26.3.1937]. Also: K narozeninam meho tatinka / For my dad's birthday. Original title: Pisen nedozniva / The song doesn't die away. Txt - Frana Velkoborsky. Ded - Tatovi k narozeninam / To my dad for his birthday. Dur - 1'15". Agraf Nt: "Komp. 26. III. 1937 od 9 -10 v Brne" / Composed on 26.3.1937 from 9 to 10 am in Brno (the day of her father's birthday); 5. Posmrtna variace / Posthumous variation [Brno 14.9.1937]. Also: Klavirni interludium / Interlude for piano. Theme: Folk song "Taticku stary nas". Ded - In memory of TGM. Dur - 0'45"; 6. Rodny kraj / Native region. [Paris 10.12.1937]. Also: Letni / Summer song. Txt - Jan Carek (Hvezdy na nebi, 1934). Ded - Venovano panu inzenyru R. Kopcovi / To Eng. Rudolf Kopec. Dur - 2'30'; 7. Koleda milostna / Love carol. [Paris 17.2.1938]. Also known under the title: Pisen milostna / Love song. High voice. Txt - Moravian folk song [Frantisek Susil: Moravske narodni pisne]. Ded - Venovano Renusce k svatbe / To Renuska, for her wedding (Renuska=Renata Helfertova-Trtilkova). Dur - 1'30'. 8. Muj mily clovece / My dear one. [Paris 31.5.1939]. Originally: Koleda / Carol. Txt - Folk song. Ded - Drahe mamulence k narozeninam jeji Vitulka / To my dearest mom for her birthday from her Vitulka. Agraf Nt. The complete collection was premiered by Jaroslava Vymazalova, Jaroslava Dobra and Jan Hus Tichy at a concert of Pritomnost Society in Prague on 26.11.1945.

Suita rustica, op. 19. Symphony orchestra. 1938. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.721]. Ms: CRO-Bo. MG: CRO-Bo. G: SU (1975). Originally entitled Suita rusticana. Sub-title Suita z ceskych lidovych pisni a tancu / Suite from Czech folk songs and dances. Agraf Nt (score): Brno 18.X.1938. 1. Allegro rustico. 2. Lento.Vivo.Lento. 3. Allegro ma non troppo. Sch - 15.10.1938 - 2.11.1938. Score - 18.10.1938 - 10.11.1938. Dur - 15'. Ded - To Eng. Otakar Sourek [24.11.1938]. Quotes from Moravian, Slovak, Silesian and Czech folk songs. Scoring: picc., fl(2), ob(2), B-cl(2), fg(2), F-cor(4), C-tr(2) trbn(3), tb, timp., triangolo, percussion, ar, vl (I,II), vla, vlc, cb. Premiered by the Czech Radio Orchestra and Bretislav Bakala [cond.] in Brno on 16.4.1939. Performed as a ballet in Judl's choreography by the ballet ensemble of the National Theatre and The National Theatre Orchestra conducted by Bohumir Liska at the National Theatre in Brno on 23.10.1945. Theme and text by Ivan Blatny.

Elegy | Elegie. Violin and piano. 1939. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.744]. Ms: KE, JAMU. MG: CRO-P, KS, UMSM. CC: JMA. AV: UMTV. CD: KIC (2008), AR (2008). Originally entitled In Memoriam, renamed Elegy by Jan Sedivka. Paris 28.1.- 2.2.1939. Dur: 3'20". Premiered by Jan Sedivka [vl] and Vitezslava Kapralova [pf] on 28.2.1939 in Paris, at the Cercle International de Jeunesse.

A Karel Capek | To Karel Capek / Karlu Capkovi. Melodrama for reciter, violin, and piano. 1939. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.757]. Agraf-F: NM CMH. E:UMSM. G: SU (5/12; 1983). 10.2. 1939. Txt - Vitezslav Nezval. Translated into French by M.L. Hirsch. Agraf Nt. Dur: 4'. Premiered by Vitezslava Kapralova [pf] and Vera Uhlirova [vl] at a concert co-presented by the Association des Etudiants Tchécoslovaques and the Colonie Tchécoslovaque de Paris at the Office du Tourisme de Tchécoslovaquie in Paris on 15.2.1939.

Sonatina for violin and piano | Sonatina pro housle a klavir. Violin and piano. May 1939. Agraf (sch): unknown. Most likely unfinished, this work was mentioned in Kapralova's letters to parents dated 18.5.1939 and 20.5.1939.

In the Czech land | V zemi ceske. Voice and piano. Paris 1939. Agraf (sch): KE. Ms: MZK [arr. for women's choir by Z. Kanak. 25.8.1954.]. Ms-F: KE. Ed: AE (2005).
15.5.-18.(?)12.1939. Original title: Rodna zeme. Txt - Jan Carek. First performed by Vitezslava Kapralova Women's Choir with Miroslav Krcma [cond.] and Vera Baborovska [pf] in Brno-Kralovo Pole on 23.1.1955.

Song of the workers of the Lord | Pisen delniku pane. Voice and piano. 1939. Agraf: unknown. Ms: KE. Ed: AE (2005). The copyist copy, dated 22.7.1948 (the page bottom), contains an inscription V. Kapralova, Pariz 1939 (top of the page). Discovered by Kapralova's estate in 1999.

Partita, op. 20. Piano and string orchestra. 1938-39. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.718]. Ed: Svoboda (1948), CRVN (2006). G: SU (1963, 1975). CD: SM (1998). AV: CTV-Bo. Sch: Paris 3.1938 (?) - Brno 10.1938. mp3 1. Allegretto energico [?-10.1938]. mp3 sample 2. Andantino [9-11.10.1938]. 3. Presto [12.10.1938]. Revised score: Paris 2.1939-27.6.1939. Dur - 19'25". Agraf Nt & Ms Nt. Premiered by the Czech Radio Orchestra, Jan Erml [pf], and Bretislav Bakala [cond.] on 20.11.1941 in Brno.

Concertino for violin, clarinet and orchestra | Concertino pro housle, klarinet a orchestr, op. 21. 1939. Agraf (sch): Cs-Bm [A29.717]. Ed: Baerenreiter (2003). AV: CTV-Bo. 1. Andante ma non troppo [Paris-Rouen 18.3.-10.4.1939]. 2 [Paris 18.4.-25.4.1939] 3. Vivo. [start. Paris 26.4.1939, unfinished]. Orchestration: 8.1939 - 10.1939 (Augerville-Paris, unfinished). ]. Agraf Nt (sch): Psalm 57, Job 30,26. Scoring: fl, ob(2), fg(2), tr, cor(2), percussion, pf, vl, cl, vl(8), vlc(4). Reconstructed by Milos Stedron (1,3) and Leos Faltus (2) in Brno in 2000. Dur - 17'. First performed by Czech Chamber Soloists with Pavel Busek [cl], Pavel Wallinger [vl] and Tomas Hanus [cond.] in the recording studio of Czech Radio at Kounicova Street in Brno on 21.2.2001. Public premiere of the complete work by the Hradec Kralove Philharmonic, with Pavel Busek [cl], Pavel Wallinger [vl], and Tomas Hanus [cond.] in Hradec Kralove on 10.1.2002.

Sung into the distance | Zpivano do dalky, op. 22. Voice and piano. 1939. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.754]. Agraf-F: MZK. Ms: KE. Ed: AE (2005). CD: SU (2003). Paris 21.5.1939. A cycle of three songs: 1. Pisen Tve nepritomnosti / Song of Your Absence [12.5.1939], 2. Polohlasem / Under One's Breath [20.5.1939], 3. Jarni / Spring Song Spring Song [21.5.1939]. Suitable for any voice. Txt - Viktor Kripner (Svety beze jmena, 1938). Ded. Venovano dr. Viktoru Kripnerovi / To Dr. Viktor Kripner. Dur: 7'. Premiered by Ruzena Herlingerova and the composer in Paris on 30.6.1939.

Prélude de Noël. Chamber orchestra. 1939. Agraf(score): CRO-Bo. Ms(score and parts): RF-dm. Ms(parts): CRO-Bo. Ms-F (score): PBM, BMI. MG: WTAMU. Ed: CRVN (2002). Paris, December 1939. Agraf: Victoria Kapralova [front page] 18.12.1939 [bottom last page]. Scoring: fl(2), ob(2), cor, tr, pf, ar, vl I(4), vl II(4), vcl(3). Dur: 2'30". Premiered during the Paris radio program "Noël à Prague," broadcast to occupied Czechoslovakia on 24.12.1939 (the recording was made on 22.12.1939 at the Jean Masson Studio, 22 rue Bayard, Paris, with Kapralova conducting).

Christmas carol | Vanocni koleda. Voice and piano. 1939. Agraf: Cs-Bm [A29.751]. Ed: AE (2005). CD: SU (2003). Also: "Chtic aby spal tak zpivala synackovi." Paris, Christmas 1939. Txt - Adam Vaclav Michna z Otradovic (1647). Ded - Mamince a tatinkovi - Vanoce 1939 / To mom and dad - Christmas 1939. Agraf Nt. Recorded by Dana Buresova [S] and Timothy Cheek [pf] for SU in the recording studio Domovina in June 2003 in Prague. First public performance by Marta Vavrova and Petr Vasicek in Komensky Schule in Vienna, Austria, on 16.6. 2007.

Two dances for piano | Dva tance pro klavir, op. 23. Piano. 1940. Agraf (sch): Cs-Bm [A29.741]. 1. December 1939(?)- February 1940; 2. March 1940. Agraf Nt(sch): Pariz 1939. Commissioned by Rudolf Firkusny. Only a sketch of the first dance survived.

Festive fanfare | Slavnostni fanfara. A miniature for piano. Paris, 11.2.1940. Agraf: private collection [SP]. Agraf-F: KE. Ms (arr brass quintet): KE (arr. Vladimir Werner, 2004). Ded - Sasence Pucove k jejim narozeninam / To Sasenka Pucova for her birthday. Its brass quintet version [F-cor, B-tr (2), trbn, tb] was premiered on 14.12.2004 at the Jiri Mahen Library in Brno by Stepan Ruda (tr), Vit Otahal (tr), Karel Valenta (cor), Stanislav Cajka (trbn), Martin Kupka (tb), and Josef Cecava (cond.).

Opus 24. Unknown.
Czech oratorio / Ceske oratorium ? [Kapralova's letter to Rudolf Kopec, dated 19.1.1939.]. Landscapes / Krajiny, for orchestra? [letter to parents dated 31.3.1940].

Tales of a small flute | Povidky male fletny. Flute and piano. 1940. Agraf(sch): Cs-Bm [A29.746]. April 1940. Originally three short pieces for flute [3rd unfinished]. Ded - Jirkovi-Vitka (To Jiri Mucha). Agraf-Nt.

Military march | Vojensky pochod. Chamber orchestra. April 1940. Agraf (Frg): Cs-Bm [A29.758]. Scoring: ob(2), cl(2), fg(2), F-cor(4), C-tr(2), trbn, tb, tamb, piatti, gr.cas., pf, vl, vla, vlc.

Incidental music 1940. Agraf: unknown.
Music for stage, radio, and film. January-May 1940. Kapralova allegedly composed stage music for Frantisek Langer's play Velbloud uchem jehly. More info... Radio commissions included four chamber music miniatures deposited in RF-dm on 12.1.1940 [I.Le Cocher: vl(2), cl; II. Le Juif: vl(2), cb; III. Fanfare de l'église de Cracovie: tr; IV. Le Mendiant: acc.].

Letter | Dopis. Voice and piano. Paris 28.4.1940. Agraf: ME? Agraf-F: KE. Ms: UMSM. Ed: Mucha (1988); Opus Musicum 98/4-5, AE (2005). CD: SU (2003). Agraf Nt. Suitable for baritone / mezzo. Txt - Petr Kricka (Hoch s lukem, 1924). Ded - To Otto Kraus. Dur: 4'. Premiered by the composer and Otto Kraus [Bt] at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris on 4.5.1940.

Deux ritournelles pour violoncelle et piano, op. 25. 1940. Agraf (score): Cs-Bm [A 29.745]. Agraf (cello part): KE. Ms: KE, CHF, JAMU. E: KS. Ed: Baerenreiter (2003). CD: SM (1998). Paris 7.(?)4.1940 - 11.(?)5.1940. Agraf Nt. (cello part): Paris, Mai 1940. Vit. Kapralova. Dur: 4'13". Premiered by Karel Neumann [vlc] in London, in 1940.

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