Hans Gál : Complete Piano Duos
Divine Art 25098

Anthony Goldstone
Caroline Clemmow
Recorded In St John the Baptist, Alkborough
Time: 58.42
The music of Austrian composer Hans Gál is being rediscovered and appreciated more and more for its infectious tunefulness and verve, and bears close comparison with the music of Dvorak and the other mid European late Romantics.
Here is the first and only recording of his works for piano duo. The album was previously released on Olympia OCD 709 but only weeks before that label's demise, so it will be new to almost everyone.
The CD will be released in late 2011 but has been given digital release already - in lossless, mp3 and other formats at all leading platforms.
Audio Sample : Serbian Dance No. 1 (extract)
Three Marionettes for piano duet, Op. 74
  1. I. Pantalone
  2. II. Columbina
  3. III. Arlecchino
Serbische Weisen (Serbian Dances) for Piano duet, Op. 3
  4. No. 1 in G Major
  5. No. 2 in C Major
  6. No. 3 in F Sharp Minor
  7. No. 4 in E Minor
  8. No. 5 in B Major
  9. No. 6 in A Minor
Concertino for two pianos, Op. 43
10. I. Intrata - Grave e maestoso
11. II. Siciliano - Andantino - A piacere, quasi cadenza
12. III. Fuga - Allegro ma non troppo
Three impromptus for two Pianos
13. I. Entrée
14. II. Pastorale
15. III. Carillon
16. Pastoral tune for six Hands at two Pianos