Erich Wolfgang Korngold - The Adventures Of A Wunderkind
Arthaus Musik 100363
Opera Now, 2004

 For years, Korngold was dismissed as a Viennese Wunderkind who had sold his soul for a mess of Hollywood potage. Recent interest in film music has brought about a reevaluation of Korngold's complete output - and the discovery that we have been missing an awful lot by being sniffy about the Hollywood connection. His opera Die Tote Stadt, written when he was only 19, is now available on DVD and features, naturally enough, in Barrie Gavin's beautifully shot, finally crafted documentary portrait. [...] there are two extended arias, plus examples from many other works, some of which, like the cello concerto, are played in their entirety afterwards. Anne Sofie von Otter's rendition of 'Marietta's Lied' from Die Tote Stadt is spine-tingling and reason enough to get a DVD which ought to be in every music lover's collection.



Korngold: Cello Concerto in C major, Op.37

Korngold: Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35

Korngold: Glück, das mir verbleib 'Marietta's Lied' (from Die Tote Stadt)