Tibor Harsányi : A Hungarian in Paris
Naxos 8.573556

Charles Wetherbee (violin & viola)
David Korevaar (piano)
29 April 2016
A student of Kodály in Budapest, the pianist, composer and conductor Tibor Harsányi travelled to France in 1923 where he joined an elite group of expatriate composers, including Martinů, Tansman, and Tcherepnin, known as ‘l’école de Paris’. The music on this recording presents a survey of Harsányi’s stylistic development, from one of his earliest works, the Sonatina, with its essentially Romantic roots, to his final work, the Viola Sonata notable for its mixture of sensuousness and earthiness that connects it to the earlier compositions. The Violin Sonata reflects currents of modernism in Paris, including American jazz, as well as the music of his compatriot Bartók.
Violin Sonatina
Charles Wetherbee, violin
David Korevaar, piano
  1. I. Moderato 6:23
  2. II. Scherzo 3:58
  3. III. Allegro giusto 8:41
Violin Sonata
Charles Wetherbee, violin
David Korevaar, piano
  4.   I. Allegro ma non troppo 6:46
  5.   II. Lento 9:03
  6.   III. Vivace 5:47
3 pièces de danse
David Korevaar, piano
  7.   No. 1. Mouvement de Tango 2:12
  8.   No. 2. Mouvement de Boston: Lent 2:29
  9.   No. 3. Mouvement de Foxtrot 2:06
Viola Sonata
Charles Wetherbee, viola
David Korevaar, piano
10.   I. Allegro cantabile 6:49
11.   II. Adagio 6:43
12.   III. Allegro giocoso con vivo 5:24