Uprising (TV)
Maurice Jarre
Milan 73138-35978-2
01. Uprising (3:59)
02. Tosia (5:36)
03. Resistance (5:47)
04. Deportation (3:34)
05. Feathers (4:09)
06. General Stroop In The Ghetto (7:36)
07. I Am Lucky (3:50)
08. Out Of The Sewers (6:35)
09. Jewish Honour (4:02)
Original Music Composed and Conducted by: Maurice Jarre
Executive Album Producer: Jon Avnet
Produced by: Maurice Jarre
Assistant to Maurice Jarre: Nic Raine
Recorded and Mixed by: Jonathan Allen
Assisted by: Cenda Kotznan & Oldrich Slezak
Orchestra: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Recorded at: Dvorák Hall at Rudolfinum Concert Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
Music Coordinator: Doris Lütz
Attendant: Eva Sedlakova
Children's Choir: I Bambini Di Praga
Bulgarian Voices: The Bulgarian Voices Angeliste
Music Editors: Dina Eaton, Johnny Caruso
Assistant Music Editor: Sam Southwick
Milan Executive Album Producers: Keith Walner and Emmanuel Chamboredon
Album Art Direction: Ianthe Zevos and Jodi Tack