Paul Robeson
Songs For Free Men
Pearl 9264

Released: January 1, 1997
Earl Hawley Robinson Ballad for Americans American People's Chorus
Victory Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra)
Nathaniel Shilkret
Earl Hawley Robinson Spring Song Paul Robeson (Vocals) 3:41
Traditional Spiritual Oh, Give Me Your Hand Lawrence Brown (Piano, Vocals) 1:45
Nie Erh National Anthem "Ch'i Lai!"  (Arise) Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:45
Chinese Traditional Fengyang Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:54
Chinese Traditional Chinese Soldiers' Song Lawrence Brown (Piano) 0:47
Chinese Traditional Riding the Dragon Lawrence Brown (Piano) 1:37
Ivan Ivanovich Dzerzhinsky Tikhiy Don, opera (From Border to Border) Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:28
Ivan Ivanovich Dzerzhinsky Tikhiy Don, opera (Oh, How Proud Our Quiet Don) Lawrence Brown (Piano) 3:20
Marc Blitzstein No for an Answer, opera (The Purest Kind of a Guy) Lawrence Brown (Piano) 3:22
Earl Hawley Robinson Joe Hill Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:43
Anonymous The Peat-Bog Soldiers (Moorsoldaten - Song from a German concentration camp) Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:28
Anonymous The Four Insurgent Generals (Spanish Loyalist Song) Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:15
Isaak Iosifovich Dunayevsky Native Land Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:21
Lev Konstantinovich Knipper Polyushko Polye (Song of the Plains; Meadowlands; "O Field, My Fields") Cradle Song Lawrence Brown (Piano) 3:10
Alexander Tikhonovich Grechaninov Kolybel'naia (Lullaby), for voice & piano, Op. 1/5 Lawrence Brown (Piano) 3:52
Modest Mussorgsky Sunless (Bez solntsa; 6), song cycle for voice & piano (or orchestra) (Within Four Walls) Lawrence Brown (Piano) 3:33
Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov National Anthem of the USSR, for chorus & orchestra Keynote Chorus
Keynote Orchestra (Orchestra)
Charles Lichter
Dmitry Shostakovich United Nations on the March, song (lyrics by Harold Rome) Keynote Chorus
Keynote Orchestra
Charles Lichter
Harry (Henry) Thacker Burleigh By an' by Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:28
Traditional Spiritual Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:31
Anonymous John Henry, folk song Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:29
Avery Robinson Water Boy Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:32
Traditional Spiritual Go Down Moses Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:49
Traditional Spiritual Balm in Gilead, folk song Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:17
Lawrence Brown Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Lawrence Brown (Piano) 2:44
Traditional Spiritual Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho Lawrence Brown (Piano) 1:51