The above is the actual hand-written manuscript of the Captives' Hymn.
Crafted by Margaret Dryburgh in prison camp of Palembang, Sumatra. She also wrote the words that appear below.


Father, in captivity,
We would lift our prayers to Thee,
Keep us ever in Thy love,
Grant that daily we may prove
Those who place their trust in Thee
More than conquerers may be.

Give us patience to endure.
Keep our hearts serene and pure,
Grant us courage, charity,
Greater faith, humility,
Readiness to own Thy will,
Be we free or captives still.

For our country we would pray,
In this hour be Thou her stay,
Pride and sinfulness forgive,
Teach her by Thy laws to live,
By Thy grace may all men see
That true greatness comes from Thee.

For our loved ones we would pray, 
Be their guardian night and day, 
From all danger keep them free,
Banish all anxiety, 
May they trust us to Thy care,
Know that Thou our pains dost share.

May the day of freedon dawn,
Peace and justice be reborn,
Grant that nations loving Thee
O'er the world may brothers be, 
Cleansed by suffering, know rebirth,
See Thy kingdom come on earth.