Metropolis Shanghai
Showboat to China
Winter & Winter 9101112
"Metropolis Shanghai - Showboat to China" is the sound story about the "Paris of the East", about the "Whore of Asia", about the "Golden Era" of the greatest city in Asia in the 1930s and 1940s, about the most cosmopolitan place on earth, about the port of last resort for the Jews, about the fully-controlled Japanese base after the second Sino-Japanese War, about the "Old Shanghai" which was not a colony but ruled by foreigners, about the "Queen of the Orient".
  1. A young girl sings "Ye Shanghai" (Shanghai Nights) [Chen Gexin, Fan Yanqiao]
  2. "The moon over a fountain" [A Bing]
  3. In the French Concession/Barcarolle from "Tales of Hoffmann" [J. Offenbach]
  4. The Bar at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai - "Slow boat to China" [Frank Loesser]
  5. At the piano bar - "Ye Shanghai" [Chen Gexin]
  6. Strolling on the street [trad. music]
  7. "Raindrops rattling on the leaves of Bananas" [trad. Cantonese music, He Liutang?]
  8. In the harbour - "Der Weana is'all'weil leger" [J. Schrammel]
  9. In the hustle of Bubbling Well Road 
10. "Sehnsucht" [Mischa Spoliansky]
11. "Khsidishe nigunim" [trad.]
12. "Dem rebns khosid" [trad.]
13. In Shanghai's Little Vienna - "Frisch gewagt" [J. Schrammel]
14. The refuge for the Jews - "Rozhinkes mit mandlen" [Abraham Goldfadn]
15. Bells and chants at the Long Hua Temple [trad.]
16. 1937 outbreak of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War, "Nocturne" [F. Chopin]
17. A young girl hums under the shower - "Ye Shanghai" [Chen Gexin]
18. "Aikoku Koshinkyoku" [Tokichi Setoguchi] and "Graduation Song" [Nie Er, Tan Han]
19. "Ambush on all sides" [anonym.]
20. "Birds flying back to the woods" [Yi Jianquan]