The Weihsien Salvation Army Band

(All standing) from left to right
Donald Littler, Adjutant Fred Buist, Marcy Ditmanson, James Dempster, Peter Bazire, Doug Sadler, Josh Clarke, Major Henry Collishaw, Gene Huebener, Steve Shaw, Norman Cliff, Major Ollie Wellbourn, Ian Sowton, Major Charles Sowton, Major Len Evenden, Brigadier Len Stranks.

(1) Standing:
Steve Shaw, Donald Littler, Adj, Fred Buist, Doug Sadler, Josh Clarke, Peter Bazire, Marcy Ditmanson, James Dempster, Major Len Evenden.
(2) Crouching:
Major Ollie Wellbourn, Norman Cliff, Gene Huebener, Brig Len Stranks, Major Henry Collishaw, Ian Sowton, Major Charles Sowton.