Nina Kaleska Recital Congregation Adath Jeshurun
Concentration Camp Terezin 1942-44
Nina Kaleska, Soprano
Gertrude Flor, Pianist

Srul Irving Glick (1934- )

  1. I Never Saw Another Butterfly Friedmann, Pavel (The last, the very last, So richly, brightly, dazzingly...)
  2. To Olga (Eng) Synkova, ALena (Listen! The boat whistle has sounded now and we must sail...)
  3. Yes That's The Way Things Are Kosek, M., H. Lowy, Bachner (In Terezin in the so-called park A Queer old granddad sits..)
  4. The Little Mouse (Eng) Kosek, M., H. Lowy, Bachner (A mousie sat on a shelf, Catching fleas in his coat of fur)
  5. On A Sunny Evening (Eng) (On a purple, sun shot evening, Under wide flowering...)

Other songs

  1.  Petr Fishl (1929-1944) : The Narrative (We got used to standing in line at seven o'clock in the...)
  2. Peter I.  Tchaikovsky : Serenade, Opus 63, No. 6 (Russian)
  3. D. Nisnevish : Freylekhe Klezmorim (Russian)
  4. Rakhel (Rachel Blumstein 1890-1931) / Paul Ben-Haim (1897- ) : Akara (Barren, Heb) If I had a son! A little child, clever with dark curled...
  5. Paul Ben-Haim (1897- ) : Od Bayom Ani Kholemet (Heb)
  6. Nahum Nardi : Sisi Admat Hasharon (Heb)
  7. Kaleska, Unidentified Song
  8. Yome, Yome, zing mir a lidele, vos dos meydele vil