Ruth Lomon
Songs of Remembrance 
Composer's Recording Inc. CRI 887
The CD notes include this interview with Ruth Lomon, by Joanna Keller
Jayne West, soprano
Pamela Dellal, mezzo soprano
Frank Kelley, tenor
Donald Boothman, baritone
Laura Ahlbeck, oboe & English horn
Donald Berman, piano
  1. Chor der Waisen (poem by Nelly Sachs) 04:21 
  2. Mes yeux (poem by Berthe Wizenberg Fleischer) 04:17 
  3. The Survivor (poem by Primo Levi) 05:10 
  4. Fear (poem by Eva Pickova, d. 1944 in Theresienstadt) 04:51 
  5. Der Ewige Segne und Behüte Dich! (poem by Miriam Merzbacher-Blumenthal) 04:14 
  6. The Butterfly (poem by Pavel Friedmann, d. 1942 in Theresienstadt) 04:35 
  7. Gedale's Song (poem by Primo Levi) 06:18 
  8. On a Sunny Evening (anonymous child poet, Theresienstadt) 05:26 
  9. Poème Macabre (poem by Francois Wetterwald) 08:52 
  10. Love Poem (poem by Charlotte Delbo) 13:21