Somewhere I have never traveled
Coro Allegro
David Hodgkins, Conductor 
  • Patricia Van Ness, The Voice of the Tenth Muse
    • I. So I pray... 
    • II.  Come to me from Krete
    • III. Now she stands among Lydian women
    • IV.  To me it seems...
    • V. Some say an army
    • VI.  On the throne of many hues 
    • VII. So I pray...
  • Julian Wachner, Sometimes i feel alive
    • I. There is a moon sole
    • II.  As is the sea marvelous
    • III. Somewhere I have never traveled
  • Aaron Rosenthal, Voices of Terezin
    • I. To Olga
    • II.  The Little Mouse
    • III. The Butterfly
  • Daniel Pinkham, The White Raven
    • I. The White Raven
    • II.  Water
    • III. Air
    • IV.  Fishes
    • V. Hosannah