London / Decca 460211-2
Entartete Musik
Jesus Christus Kirche, Berlin, Germany
Berlin Radio Children's Choir
Della Jones (Mezzo Soprano)
Michael Kraus  (Bass Baritone) *
Deborah Riedel  (Soprano) *
Lawrence Foster, cond.
57 minutes
1. Franz Waxman (1906 - 1967)
The Song of Terezin  (39:03) 1965
A Dramatic Song Cycle For Mezzo Soprano, Mixed & Children's Choruses & Orchestra (1966)
Song Cycle Based on Poems and Drawings by Children in Terezin Concentration Camp 
2 picc 2 (d eh) 2 bcl 2 - 4331 - timp - 4 perc: bells/BD/SD/bass & tenor drum/cym/gong/mar/tamb tgl/tom-t/vib/whip/wdbl/xyl - hp - pft/cel - str.
1. On A Sunday Evening - Adagio
2. Forgotten - Moderato
3. The Little Mouse - Allegro
4. Bird Song - Andante
5. Now It's Time - Andante Teneramente
6. Concert In The Old School Garret - Andante Espressivo
7. The Garden - Slow
8. Finale - Decisive
2. Eric Zeisl (1905 - 1959)
Requiem Hebraico 1944-45 *
FEAR [track 8 on "The Song of Terezin"]

My heart still beats inside my breast
While friends depart for other worlds,
Perhaps itís better--who can say?--
Than watching this, to die today?
No, no, my God, we want to live!
Not watch our numbers melt away.
We want to have a better world,
We want to work--we must not die!

--Eva Picková, 12 years old, Nymburk

THE GARDEN [track 7 on "The Song of Terezin"]

The little garden where the roses grow
is sweet and heavy with perfume today,
and on the little narrow path
a little boy is wandering alone back and forth.

A sweet little boy, oh, so beautiful and fair,
a little bud thatís just about to bloom.
Yet once the little bud has bloomed
the little boy will be no more.

--Anonymous, Terezin Concentration Camp