The first beauty for Wind Octet
Lawo Classics LWC1093 (SACD)

Oslo Kammerakademi
These works for wind octet by Klein, Kvandal and Yun are regarded as cornerstones of the recent literature, and they rest on a common aesthetic and ethical foundation, together with the newly composed wind octet by Magnar Åm.
Oslo Kammerakademi’s third recording, “the first beauty”, completes a trilogy of “Harmonie” music from three epochs.
The ensemble has, right from its debut in 2/9, had the ambition to embrace the entire breadth of classical chamber music literature for wind instruments — all the way from its origins in Vienna in the 178 s to the music of our own time.
It is interesting to note that the works of all the composers featured here have ties to origins, whether specifically in relationship to this genre of music, or in a more spiritual-philosophical sense.
The title of the commissioned work by Magnar Åm lends its name to the recording. The composer relates that the work portrays his philosophical anchoring in and experience of the world.

Gideon Klein (1919–1945) Divertimento (1939) for blåseoktett
  1) I. Tempo di marcia 3:50
  2) II. Allegretto scherzando 2:11
  3) III. Adagio 5: 02
  4) IV. Allegro 5: 02

Johan Kvandal (1919–1999) Night Music op. 57 (1981) Nonett for blåseoktett og kontrabass
  5) I. Allegro ma non troppo 5:53
  6) II. Scherzo: Allegro 2:24
  7) III. Adagio 6: 01
  8) IV. Allegro molto 3:48

Isang Yun (1917–1995)
  9) Wind Octet with double bass ad libitum (1993)

Magnar Åm (*1952) : Den første venleiken for blåseoktett og kontrabass
10) I. Som foreinar mi djupaste uro 7: 08
11) II. Med min sælaste dans 5:34
12) III. Og lyfter meg inn i ei tidlaus forståing 8:38