John Federico

The Verse of Terezin's Children
Lost Planet Records 1897
September 1, 1996
"I Never Saw Another Butterfly" (Schoken Books Inc., N.Y. 1993)
"Vedem: We Are Children Just the Same" (The Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia 1995) 

with : 
Will Lee, Bobby Liggio, Eugene Ruffolo, Britt Savage, Chuck St. Troy, Lauren Stauber, Caroline Boegel,
Lucy Carson, Caitlin Dieck, Elizabeth Grilli, Laura Lefkowitz, Stephanie Karle, Jessica Koziel, Rachel Ostrow, Amanda Homi

  1. The Butterfly
  2. The Little Mouse
  3. Man Proposes, God Disposes
  4. A Letter to Daddy
  5. Birdsong
  6. The Forgotten
  7. View from the Coffee House
  8. Five
  9. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (James Bland)
10. With You Mother / Faith of Nothing / Hatikvah