We Want To Live
Eterna Dance Theatre
Adrian Snell
Myhrr MYRCD 1290
  • Roads To Zion
  • Streams In The Desert
  • Dance Of The Nation (And in that Day Intro)
  • Diplomat Cocktail (Kaddish for Bergen-Belsen)
  • Reporters Scene (Kaddish for Bergen-Belsen)
  • The Nations Rage And Fall
  • Death Camp (Kaddish for Bergen-Belsen)
  • Lament (Jeremiah 31;15 / Lament for Jerusalem)
  • We Want To Live (Fear)
  • Until Your Time Comes (Isaiah 49:14 / God's Beloved)
  • Pas De Deux (Isaiah 49:15-18/ If I Were Intro)
  • Roads To Zion (Part Two)
  • God's Beloved
  • Political Talk (Terezin Intro)
  • Streams In The Desert