Editorship of Frantisek Ehrmann, Otta Heitlinger, Rudolf Iltis
Published by the Council of Jewish Communities in the Czech lands on the 20th anniversary of the liberation of the Camp by the Soviet army.
Prague, 1965
48 articles, 76 illustrations, 327 pages
Artists : Frantisek Bilek, Dr. Karel Fleischmann, Bedrich Fritta, Leo Haas, Kamila Hajkova, Helga Hoskova-Weissova, Peter Kein, Malvina Schalkova,
Otto Ungar, Various children.

11 chapters
  1. History & Data
  2. Religious Life in Terezin
  3. The Children
  4. Terezin Seen Through the Eyes of a Doctor
  5. Life in Terezin
  6. The Ghetto Paradise-A Big Fraud
  7. Culture on the Threshold of Death
  8. Out & Away from Terezin
  9. Plans That Were Not Carried Out
  10. Terezin Children-Today
  11. Terezin-Its Influence on Czechoslovak Literature, Music, Plastic Arts and Film.
EP record included (size of 45 rpm , 33 rpm) Supraphon 20232

Face A
1. Pavel Haas : Four Songs on Poetry of Chinese Texts (No. 4) (Text : Bohumil Mathesius)
    (Karel Berman, bass /
Jiri Pokorny, piano)
2. Gideon Klein : Sonata, fragment of first movement
    (Pavel Stepan)
3. Josef Chaloupa : Bread (Text  in English: Dagmar Hilarova)
(music written after the war) (Karel Berman, bass / Jiri Hubicka, piano)

Face B
4. Ilse Weber : Ich Wandere Durch Theresienstad (Eva Iltisova)
5. Ilse Weber : Wiegenlied (Wiegala) (Eva Iltisova)