Childhood Memories
A Choral Dramatization of the Holocaust
Original Music by Stephen Freedman
Vogt Quality Recordings CSRV 2671
( LP) (Mass.)
Original 1980 stereo custom pressing
Temple Isaiah Makhelah - Lexington, Massachusetts
Our Town Is Burning : Original Yiddish Text, Mordecai Gebirtig
Dance Of Death : Folk, Vilna Ghetto
I Still Believe : Text, Anne Frank
At Terezin : Text, "Teddy" L410 - 1943
Peat Bog Soldiers : German Concentration Camp Song
Ani Ma-amin : Folk, Warsaw Ghetto
Lullaby At Ponar : Original Yiddish Text, Sh. Kaczerginski
March To Eternity : Text And Music, S. Freedman
Shema Yisrael : Traditional Hebrew Prayer
From the liner notes:
CHILDHOOD MEMORIES tells the story of the Holocaust through narration and song, in a sensitive yet frank manner. Of the songs contained in the work, three are authentically from the Holocaust period, while the other six were composed by Stephen Freedman. For his original songs, Mr. Freedman utilized texts of writers who perished during those years. A most effective narrative, written from the viewpoint of a survivor remembering experiences from his youth (hence the name CHILDHOOD MEMORIES) was penned by Martha Aft, then Director of Religious Education at Temple Isaiah.