YVM - Y2K (2000)
Young Voices of Melbourne Celebrating 10 years of singing.
17 Tracks

Directed : Mark O'Leary
Soloists :
Eugenia Twomey
Sarah Curow
Jessica Mahar
Felicity Strong
Clap Sticks : Marion Stafford
Piano : Julie Piggin & Marion Stafford *
Harp : Hannah Lane
Recorder : Kristy de la Rambelya.
Stephen Leek Seasong 5 min., 6 sec. SSAA and sticks
Carl Vine, arr. Mark O'Leary Love Me Sweet* 4 min., 1 sec. SAA, flute & piano
Serbian folk song arr. Nick Page Niska Banja    SSAA & piano
Bulgarian folk song arr. Petar Lyondev Ergen Deda   SSA unaccompanied
South African folk song arr. Henry Leck Tshosholoza   SSA unaccompanied
C. A. Tindley arr. Tony Backhouse The Storm is Passing Over 2 min., 49 sec. SSAA unaccompanied
Stephen Leek Myoon-myoon 3 min., 28 sec. SA & piano
Stephen Leek Goolay Yali 5 min., 11 sec. SSAA & piano
Colin Brumby Lully, Lulley 4 min., 37 sec. SSA & harp
Suzanne Palmer-Holton Carol   SSA, recorder & harp
Suzanne Palmer-Holton I Shall Sing   Unison & piano
Robert Davidson The Kestrel 4 min., 39 sec. SA & piano
Charles Davidson I Never Saw Another Butterfly (excerpts)
It all depends on how you look at it   SSA & piano
Man Proposes, God Disposes   SSA & piano
The Butterfly   SSA & piano
The Garden   SSA unaccompanied
On a Sunny Evening   SSA & piano