Vally Weigl
Orion ORS 80393 (LP 33 1/3 rpm, stereo. ; 12 in)
Lanui 0404
Program notes by Elise Barnett and words of the vocal works on container
Dear earth for baritone, French horn, violin, cello, and piano
Words by Frederika Blankner
Robert Shiesley, baritone
Peter Gordon, horn
Marilyn Dubow, violin
David Moore, violoncello
Ilse Sass, piano
I. Evolution 2:44
II. Redemption 1:55
III. Post Factum 2:23
IV. Dear Earth 2:04
V. This Gift Be Mine 6:04
Brief encounters for clarinet, horn, bassoon, and oboe
Members of City Winds
I. Lament 1:30
II. Intermezzo 1:49
III. Evolution 1:37
IV. Alla dansa 1:04
V. Arioso 3:37
VI. Rondelette 1:37
VII. Old Time Divertimento 1:40
Songs of love and leaving
Words by Carl Sandburg
Shirley Love, mezzo-soprano
David Holloway, baritone
Richard Woitach, piano
Lawrence Sobel, clarinet
I. Loam 2:04
II. Solo for Saturday Night Guitar 4:23
III. Valley Song 2:25
IV. At a Window 3:02
V. And This Will Be All 2:10
VI. Stars, Songs, Faces 2:11
VII. On Langsyne Plantation 6:02
VIII. Wind Horses 0:48
IX. Peace, Night, Sleep 3:22