Daniel Sternefeld - Symphony No. 1 in C (1943)
I. Adagio molto - Allegro impetuoso [12:30]
II. Andante [9:45]
III. Allegro agitato [9:35]

BRT-RTB Symphony Orchestra, Brussels
Daniel Sternefeld, Conductor
(1970 live performance)

The first symphony by Belgian composer and conductor Daniel Sternefeld (1905-1986).
This work was composed at the height of the Second World War, which affected Sternefeld personally and profoundly.
The main theme is derived from an old Gueux hymn "Help yourselves, and God will help you cast off the tyrant's shackles" - a clear message from the composer to the occupied Low Countries.
The symphony is dedicated to his friend Denijs Dille, a priest, musicologist and Bartók archivist.