18 Feb. 46
Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal.

Volume VII. Nuremberg: IMT, 1947.


Translation of caption:
The orchestra of musicians held prisoner in the Janovsk Camp play the "Death Tango"; tortures and executions are carried out in time to the music.

In Yanov Camp the executions are carried out to the strains of the "Death Tango" played by an orchestra conducted by Professor Striks, an internee in the camp, together with his bandmaster, Mundt. I request Your Honors to observe two points of interest in this snapshot. To the right we see the camp commander, Obergruppenfuehrer Gebauer, in white uniform, and behind him his dog, Rex, known to us through many interrogations as having been trained to harass living persons and to tear them to pieces. It is evident that Gebauer is leading the orchestra to the execution ground.

The hangmen of the Janovsk Camp, Warzok and Willhaus, leaving the building to be present at the execution of prisoners.

"The Germans executed their tortures, ill-treatments, and shooting to the accompaniment of music. For this purpose they created a special orchestra selected from among the prisoners. They forced Professor Stricks and the famous conductor Mund to conduct this orchestra. They requested the composers to write a special tune, to be called the 'Tango of Death.' Shortly before dissolving the camp the Germans shot every member of the orchestra."