Lori Laitman
Dreaming - Songs of Lori Laitman
Albany Records TROY 570
79 Mins
Check, Jennifer (Soprano)
Jones, Warren (Piano)
Scarlata, Randall (Baritone)
Laitman, Lori (Piano)
Gruber, Sari (Soprano)
Sharp, William (Baritone)
Karr, Gary (Double Bass)
Green, Patricia (Mezzo Soprano)
Four Dickinson Songs
  1. Will There Really Be A Morning? 1:15
  2. I'm Nobody 1:53
  3. She Died 2:35
  4. If I... 2:22
Check, Jennifer; Jones, Warren
Men With Small Heads
  5. Men with Small Heads 2:31
  6. Refridgerator, 1957 3:45
  7. A Small Tin Parrot Pin 1:40
  8. Snake Lake 2:42
Scarlata, Randall; Laitman, Lori
  9. The Sunflowers 5:29
10. Dreams 4:10
11. Sunrise 4:30
Gruber, Sari; Laitman, Lori
Holocaust 1944
Poems about the Holocaust by Ficowski, Vogel, Rosewica, Gershon, and Ranasinghe
12. I Did Not Manage to Save 3:32
13. How Can I See You, Love 2:48
14. Both Your Mothers 8:11
15. What Luck 0:58
16. Massacre of the Boys 3:21
17. Race 2:15
18. Holocaust 1944 6:29
Sharp, William; Karr, Gary
The Years
19. Jewels 2:07
20. To-Night 1:28
21. Barter 2:12
22. Faults 0:42
23. The Years 2:03
Green, Patricia; Jones, Warren
24. To a Poor Old Woman, This is Just to Say 2:07
Check, Jennifer; Jones, Warren
Between the Bliss and Me
25. I gained it so... 1:52
26. A Book 0:49
27. I could not prove 1:58
Check, Jennifer; Jones, Warren
Little Elegy
28. Little Elegy 1:12
Gruber, Sari; Laitman, Lori
29. Dreaming 1:51
Check, Jennifer; Jones, Warren; Scarlata, Randall



Poems about the Holocaust by Ranasinghe and Vogel.
Premiered by Music of Remembrance, Benaroya Hall, April 2003.
Baritone/piano trio; baritone/flute/cello/piano.
2002, revised 2003.
About 12 minutes.

Fragment 1; You, Father
Fragment 2; Last Night I Dreamt
Fragment 3; I Saw My Father Drowning; Don't Cry.

I have chosen to set several poems from Vilna ghetto survivor Abraham Sutzkever (1913 - ), translated by C.K. Williams. The title The Seed of Dream is taken from a line in the poem To My Child, and it refers to Sutzkeverís murdered son. Sutzkever consistently produced poems of great artistry under the most dire of circumstances. These first-person accounts, written between 1941 and 1944, not only bear witness to the destruction around him, but to his undying belief in the beauty of the word and the world.

The world premiere of Laitmanís The Seed of Dream took place on Monday, May 9, 2005 at Music of Remembranceís Holocaust Remembrance concert (Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA). Melinda Bargreen of the Seattle Times wrote that the performance was "deeply moving", and that "Laitman illuminated the heart-wrenching poems with her music".