Cradle Of Fire
Indianapolis Women's Chorus
Music Director : Pamela Blevins Hinkle
  1. Rugged But Right, arranged by Sheena Phillips, Song of the Women Airforce Service Pilots
  2. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy music and words by Don Raye and Hughie Prince, arranged by Frank Metis
  3. Rosie the Riveter, music and words by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb, arranged by Sheena Phillips
  4. In The Swing, a medley of Tuxedo Junction, All of Me, Jersey Bounce, Opus One and In The Mood, arranged by Alan Billingsley
  5. A Nightengale Sang in Berkely Square, music by Manning Sherwin, Lyrics by Eric Maschwitz, arranged by Alan Billingsley
  6. Largo, music by Antonin Dvorak, arranged by Margaret Dryburgh, edited by Norah Chambers
  7. When I am Silent (A Song for the Girl at Auschwitz), music and words by Joan C. Varner
  8. Cradle Of Fire , arranged by Michael Isaacson
    a.  Shtiler, Shtiler, music by Alex Volkovaski, words by Shmerke Kaczerginski
    b.  S'brent, music and words by M. Gebirtig, English text by Samuel Rosenbaum
    c.  Zog Nit Keyn Mol, music by Dmitri Pokras, words by Hirsh Glick
    d.  Babi Yar, music by Rivka Boyarska, words by Shike Driz, adapted by Sammuel Rosenbaum
    e.  Ani Maamin, music attributed to Rabbi Azriel Dovid Fastag, based upon the writings of Maimonides
  9. Shadows on the Rock, music and words by Jane Ramseyer Miller
  10. Tzena, Tzena, Tzena, Tzena, music by Issachar Miron, english lyrics by Gordon Jenkins and Pete Seger, Hebrew lyrics by Yehiel Haggiz, Arabic lyrics by Salman Natour, arranged by J. David Moore
  11. The Beauty of Your Dreams music by Joan Szymeko, lyrics adapted from the writings of Eleanor Roosevelt