Song Cycles
Simon Sargon,
Gasparo 333



Bitter For Sweet (Eric Halfvarson, Bass)
I. Sound Sleep
II. Wrestling
III. Bitter for Sweet
IV. Song
V. Holy Innocents
VI. By the Waters of Babylon

Waves of the Sea (Virginia Dupuy, Mezzo Soprano)
I. The Hosting of the Sidhe - Simon Sargon/
II. Lullaby - Simon Sargon/Virginia Dupuy
III. In May - Simon Sargon/Virginia Dupuy
IV. When You Are Old - Simon Sargon/Virginia Dupuy
V. Sweet Dancer - Simon Sargon/Virginia Dupuy
VI. The Fiddler of Dooney

Ash un Flamen (Colleen Klein, Soprano)
I. Treblinker Pesach 'Passover in Treblinka'
II. A Vog'n Shich 'A Wagonful of Shoes'
III. Roichen 'Smoke of Jewish Children'
IV. Shifreles Portret
V. 'Kaddish'

A Clear Midnight (Donnie Ray Albert, Bass Baritone; Greg Hustis, French Horn)
 I. A Song of Joys
II. Nocturne
III. Dirge for Two Veterans
IV. A Clear Midnight
V. O You Whom I Often
VI. The Last Invocation