Songs of the Ghetto
Hed Arzi PRT14586
Beit Lohamei HaGhettaot - Ghetto Fighters' House
Kibbutz Lohamei Hagettaot, IsraŽl
Booklet-Lyrics of the songs in 3 Language (English,Yiddish and Hebrew) 24 pages
  Title Lyrics Music Arranger Performer
Side one
1 Ani Ma'amin     Gil Aldema The Renanim Singers
2 One morning a jew went out into the street Yitzhak Katzenelson I. Gladstein Gil Aldema Suzy Miller
3 Ponar Schmerke Katcherginsky A. Wolkowysks Tamir Arieh Levanon Sandra Johnson
4 The Jewish partisan girl Hirsh Glik   Arieh Levanon Mike Boorstein
5 Shabbat for sweet Rivkele Pessach Kaplan Pessach Kaplan Gil Aldema Suzy Miller
6 Youth Anthem Schmerke Katcherginsky Bathya Rubin Gil Aldema The Renanim Singers
Side two
1 Here beneath the tarry splendour Avraham Stuzkever Avraham Brudno Gil Aldema The Renanim Singers
2 Our village is aflame Mordechai Gebirtig Mordechai Gebirtig Arieh Levanon Sandra Johnson
3 Not the raisins Yeshayahu Spiegel David Beigelman Gil Aldema Suzy Miller
4 The day is near Katriel Broido   Gil Aldema The Renanim Singers
5 A Jewish Child Hanna Cheizin   Arieh Levanon Suzy Miller
6 Never Say (Song  of  the jewish partisans) Hirsh Glik Russian folk song Arieh Levanon Sandra Johnson
Suzy Miller
Mike Boorstein
The Renanim Singers