Leonarda Productions LE342
Composers of the Holocaust

Ghetto Songs from Warsaw, Vilna, Lodz and Terezin and instrumental works by Schulhoff and Haas
Downtown Music Productions:
Musical Producer, Editing, and Premastering: Marnie Hall
Baritone, violin / piano sonata, and group pieces recorded by David Hancock at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in New York City.
Mezzo and oboe / piano recorded by Marnie Hall at SUNY Purchase (State University of New York).
Total Time: 66:50.
Mimi Stern-Wolfe, artistic director and pianist
Marshall Coid, violin
Bert Lucarelli, oboe
Isabelle Ganz, mezzo-soprano
Robert Abelson, baritone
Downtown Chamber Singers

Cover Drawing: Jennifer Ross © Jennifer Ross
Graphic Design: Marnie Hall
© Leonarda Productions, Inc. 2000. All rights reserved. CDs made in the U.S.A.


Mordekhai Gebirtig (1877-1942) (Poland)
Es Brent (3:25)
piano arr. Lazar Weiner

Karel Svenk (1907-1945) (Czechoslovakia)
Terezín Hymn (2:38)

David Beigelman (1887-1945) (Poland)
Tsigaynerlid (4:21)
piano arr. Mimi Stern-Wolfe

Ervin Schulhoff (1894-1942) (Czechoslovakia)
Sonata for Violin and Piano (1924) (17:22)

Martin Rosenberg (d.1943) (Germany)
Tsen Brider (4:33)
piano arr. Mordechai Sheinkman

Hirsh Glik (words) (1920-1944) (Lithuania)
Shtil, di nakht iz oysgeshternt (3:06)
piano arr. Mimi Stern-Wolfe

Zog Nit Keynmol (2:32) to a popular tune by Dimitri Pours

Gideon Klein (arranger) (1919-1945) (Czechoslovakia)
Wiegenlied (2:21)
melody by Shalom Charitonov on words by Emanuel Ha-Russi

Pavel Haas (1899-1944) (Czechoslovakia)
Suite for Oboe and Piano (1939) (14:40)

Misha Veksler (1907-1943) (Lithuania)
Yisrolik (4:38)
words by Leyb Rozenthal (1916-1945)

Ilse Weber (1903-1944) (Czechoslovakia)
Wiegala (2:25)
piano arr. Mimi Stern-Wolfe

Carlo Taube (1897-1944) (Czechoslovakia)
Ein jüdisches Kind (2:16)
words by Erika Taube (d. 1944)