Wholesale Klezmer Band
Zingn far sholem, Tantsn far freyd
Sing for Peace, Dance for Joy
Oyfgekumener Productions, OYF006 CD

Brian Bender: trombone
Owen Davidson: accordions
Peggy Davis: flute
Richie Davis: percussion
Yosl (Joe) Kurland: vocals, violin
Michael Suter: bass viol
Sherry Mayrent: music director, clarinets


  1. Dos tisgayner (The Gypsy) (trad., after Tarras) 4:46

  2. Shpil zhe mir a lidele in yidish (Play Me a Song in Yiddish)
    (music: Henech Kon, words: verse 1&3 Yoysef Kotliar, verse 2 unknown) 5:48

  3. Boiberiker nigunim (Medley of Boiberiker Tunes) (after Boiberiker Kapelye) 9:52

  4. Sha! Shtil (Shhhh! Be Quiet!) (Leo Kopf) 2:34

  5. Meshiekhs tsayt (The Time of the Messiah) 7:23
    Az meshiekh vet kumen (When the Messiah Comes) (after Ruth Rubin)
    Der Meshiekh vet ersht kumen (The Messiah Will Finally Come, or, Kafka's Paradox)

  6. Kolomeyke (after Abe Schwartz and Harry Kandel) 3:05

  7. A glezele lekhayim (Let's Raise a Glass) () 2:45

  8. Yikhes/In der fri (Family History/In the Morning) (after Belf/Mayrent) 9:01

  9. Tants gemish (Dance Medley) (trad.) 10:20

  10. Yismekhu (They Shall Rejoice) (trad.) 4:36


Shpil-zhe mir a lidele in yidish (Play Me a Song in Yiddish)
Words: verses 1 & 3, by Yoysef Kotliar (1908-1962), verse 2, unknown.
Edited by Yosl Kurland.
Music by Henech Kon (1898-1972)
Shpil-zhe mir a lidele in Yidish

Shpil-zhe mir a lidele in Yidish,
Dervekn zol es freyd un nisht keyn khidesh,
Az ale mentshn groys un kleyn zoln kenen dos farshteyn,
Fun moyl tsu moyl dos lidele zol geyn.

A lidele on ziftsn un on trern,
Shpil azoy az ale zoln hern,
Az ale zoln zen ikh leb un zingen ken,
Shtarker nokh un shener vi geven.

Khor: Shpil, Shpil, klezmerl shpil,
Veyst dokh vos ikh meyn un vos ikh vil.
Shpil, shpil, shpil a lidele far mir,
Shpil a nigndl mit hartz un mit gefil.
Play Me A Song in Yiddish

Play me a song in Yiddish,
A happy song with no surprises,
So everyone will understand,
So people both big and small will understand, And pass it from person to person.

A song without sighs or tears,
Play loud for everyone to hear,
So everyone can see that Iím still alive and can still sing,
Stronger and better than before.

Chorus: Play, play, klezmer play,
Surely you know what I mean and what I want,
Play, play a little song for me,
Play a little tune with heart and with feeling.