Jiddische Stikele
Jewish Songs from the Prague Ghetto
Supraphon SU3343-2

Jeno Kohn - vocal
Marcel Lorand - piano
Lorand Trio
Recorded in 1959
  1. Ani mamin (Solemn song to celebrate a feast, on traditional Hebrew text)
  2. Kolomaj Badchen (Ditties from Kolomyje. Wedding song about a matchmaker)
  3. Rabbi Elimelech (Song about the Prophet Elijah, Dance Song in local jargon)
  4. Schabes nach dem Kiegel (Merry party song)
  5. Brieferle der Mamme (Mother's letter)
  6. Romania (Ditty from Romanian vineyards in local jargon)
  7. Bardichevo Kaddish (mourning chant - famous folk song from the ghetto)
  8. Papierene Kinder (Paper Children, Song of lonely mother from the early diaspora)
  9. Chumec alef (Pupil and teacher)
  10. Jiddische Stikele (Party drinking song)
  11. Zemiroth (Merry party drinking song to mark the end of the Sabbath)