Cantorials by Chazn Samuel Baruch Taube
Famous Records FAM-1010 [33 rpm] (1914)

Oscar Julius, organ
A concentration camp survivor, credits his survival to his daily singing of lieder and operatic arias in several languages, which so pleased and charmed his captors that they spared his life.

Side A

1 Mogen Ovos Guardian of Our Ancestors   3:31
2 R'tzeh Vimnuchosenu Accept Our Rest   5:04
3 Kiddush L'Shabbos The Sanctification Prayer for Shabbat   5:03
4 Ki Lekach Tov For I Give You a Good Doctrine   3:59
5 Ani Maamin I Believe Mordekhai Weiss 3:45

Side B

6 Av Horachamim Hu Y'Rachem Father of Mercy, He Will Have Mercy   6:06
7 Na-aritzcho K'vodo We Revere and Sanctify Thee   3:20
8 Sh'ma Isroel, Hu Elohenu Hear, O Israel, He is Our God   5:05
9 Habeit Mishomayim Ur'eh Look From Heaven and See W. Bogzester 5:54

Mogen Ovos
Sh'ma Isroel, Hu Elohenu