John Zorn
Tzadik TZ7301

recorded November 1992
released 1993




1: Shtetl (ghetto life)
An overture on trumpet, clarinet, and violin. It shifts to fear as German voices interrupt.

2: Never Again
The night of broken glass.

3: Gahelet (embers)
The aftermath. Very quiet for 3 minutes, with voices on the radio at the end.

4: Tikkun (rectification)
Violin, guitar, and percussion play in cartoon- block style. Shifting between fast and slow.

5: Tzfia (looking ahead)
The sound of people scattered and running, crumpled paper, and then peace.

6: Barzel (iron fist)
Two minutes of marching, pounding, and sirens. The iron fist drives people out of the new settlement.

7: Gariin (the new settlement)
Drums, bass, and guitar tap out a stuttering march. The sound of construction, frenzied building, and chaotic city life. It backs off in the last minute, ending with tapping drums.