Felix Werder
Cumquat Records CQDD-2003
Disc 1

1. Symphony No. 1 Opus 6, Tatura (Internment) 1943, revised 1952 - 22' 38"
2. Gryphiusad
Opus 319, Cologne 1996 - 9' 46"
3. The Wenzel Connection
Opus 276, Clarinet Concerto, Mannheim 1990 - 18' 31"
4. Belsazer
Opus 260, Dortmund 1988 - 14' 50"

Disc 2

1. Symphony No. 4 Opus 107, 1970 - 20' 37"
2. Carrion Comfort
Opus 138, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Melbourne 1973 - 22' 31"
3. Saxophone Quartet & Percussion
Opus 250, Berlin 1987 - 11' 12"
4. Violin Sonata No. 3
Opus 232, Mannheim 1991 - 16' 59"

P E R F 0 R M E R S

PETER CLINCH was Australia's foremost virtuoso of the clarinet and saxophone. He toured Europe and the USA with outstanding success. The Peter Clinch Saxophone Quartet was the most exciting ensemble of the Australian music scene, certainly its most pertinent in a contemporary significance.

MERLYN QUAIFE is a foremost opera singer with an outstanding reputation in Europe for her interpretation of contemporary music. She won particular acclaim for her performance in Tchaikovsky's opera Pique Dame in Voronesz (Russia). She has toured Europe several times and is currently Coordinator of Vocal Studies at the University of Melbourne.

PROF. PETER ZIETHEN is much in demand as a Lieder recitalist and won particular fame for his recordings of the Dvorak Biblical Songs and Mussorgsky's Songs of Death. He is currently Lecturer in Vocal Studies at the conservatorium of Munster Lippe.

HANNO HAAG & ANNEUESE SCHLICKER have for many years operated as the Mannheim Chamber Duo, and as such have won much acclaim, both, for recording and public concerts. Hanno Haag is also a fine composer and currently Director of the Mannheim School of Music, as well as conductor of several symphonic orchestras.

THE SILESIAN SINFONIA (Gryphiusad) was brought together by the direction of Prof. Norbert Linke, one of Germany's most respected contemporary composers.

AUSTRALIA FELIX This group was formed by Felix Werder specifically as a European touring team to compensate for the lethargy and indifference of local musicians to new music. It brought together over the years some of the finest Australian talents, to mention only a few like Brian Brown (flute), Peter Clinch (clarinet), Daniel Herscovitch (piano), Tony Conolan (violin), Merlyn Quaife & Loris Synan (sopranos), Ryszard Pusz (percussion), and Richard Hornung (viola). Tours of Germany, Holland, Austria and Spain are but a few highlights that feature in the ensemble's programme notes.