Franz Reizenstein (1911-1968)

Nuremberg-born he was of his participation in the 1956 Hoffnung Music Festival, to which he contributed a highly amusing Concerto Popolare ("A Piano Concerto to End All Piano Concertos").  But the Jewish Reizenstein, who fled Germany for England in 1934, had a much more serious side.  He had studied with Paul Hindemith while still in Germany, and continued studies with Vaughan Williams after his emigration.  (A very useful online biography of the composer can be found here.)  For the brilliant violinist Max Rostal, a fellow emigré, he wrote this set of Hindemith-like variations in 1938





London set LA-155 (four 78-rpm records)
Prologue, Variations and Finale, Op. 12
Three Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op. 7 No.1 (No.3 - Lullaby, No.2 - Marcia Barbara)

Max Rostal (1905-1991), violin
Franz Reizenstein, piano
Recorded March 12 and July 30, 1945



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