The Columbus Women's Chorus
Notes of Courage

The Enduring Spirit of Women During World War II

 All over Europe during World War II, women were using music to sustain their spirits, to resist and protest oppressive regimes, and to seek new opportunities and express themselves in new creative ways.
  • Women of the Japanese internment camp based in Dutch East Indies who arranged and sang scores of piano and orchestral work for women's voices. Through their secret rehearsals and brave performances, the women experienced the miracle of music's ability to restore their sense of human dignity.
  • Women from the ghettos and internments camps in Germany who resisted the Nazi's effort to exterminate them.
  • Women who left their homes to go to work to support the war effort in the United States. Music was used to encourage women to take on new roles as engineers, welders and computer specialists.
  • Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs) who flew supply missions and tested planes and who sang a variety of songs to motivate their efforts.
  • Women who performed with the 1940's "all-girl" swing bands which sprang up around the country when men went to war.
  1. Rosie the Riveter
  2. Minnie’s in the Money
  3. The Day after Payday
  4. Swinging on a Star
  5. Rugged but Right
  6. ...