Song of Survival
RCA GL 70949
Peninsula Women's Choir

Quotes: liner notes from Patricia J. Hennings
Side 1
1. Largo from "New world Symphony" - Antonin Dvorák
"These haunting melodies subtly convey the force of hope and desire for freedom. As the melody is carried by the different voice parts, this musical symbolism is felt by the chorus. Norah Chambers told her wartime vocal orchestra that the final progression of chords must be sung with a sound of triumph."
2. Jesu, Joy of man's Desiring - J.S. Bach (arr. by Myra Hess)
"was a favorite of the well-known British pianist Myra Hess who often used it as an encore"
3. Minuet in G - Ludwig van Beethoven
4. Prelude no. 15, The "Raindrop" - Frédéric Chopin*
" This repeated eigth-note pattern pervades the piece just as contstantly as the monsoon rain poured through the palm-frond roofs of the prison camp-endlessly, incessantly"
5. Humoresque - Antonin Dvorák*
"had been popularized by violinist Fritz Kreisler"

Side 2
6. Andante Cantabile - Peter Illich Tchaikovsky
"In it's opening phrases the weight and breadth of strings can be heard. When performing this piece, the singers actually feel like instruments."
7. Morning from "Peer Gynt Suite" - Edvard Grieg
"a serene opening yields to cascading sixteenth-note passages that were truly meant for strings: a vocal challenge"
8. Ręverie - Claude Debussy
9. Menuet ŕ l'Antique - Ignacy Jan Paderewski*

"Made popular by Paderewski himself"
10. The Captive's Hymn (1942) - Margaret Dryburgh
"Sung everysunday in the camp"